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Giveaway: How to Cook Everything App for iPhone and iTouch {Slashfood}

Apr 19th 2010 4:06PM Goat Cheese Ziti Variation from the yellow book. or maybe the green one... I hardly have to look at the book anymore.

The Queue: Hodgepodge {WoW}

May 14th 2009 10:59AM No, not looking for hunter-stats. My cat gear will be awesome once I'm geared up from Ulduar.

I'm looking at the fact that I'm stuck carrying an ilvl 213 tank weapon, and will have to pvp to get anything better, which we were explicitly told we would not have to do. I understand that they're intending for us to want AP/crit because of Savage Defense, but a: Savage Defense is broken, which GC admits, but he doesn't know if it's "broken enough to fix"; and b: even if it works, theorycrafting shows it's not powerful enough to gear for. We still want Stam/Agi/Exp, not Crit/ArP/AP. The fact that our gear is rogueish means we get plenty of those stats as it is.

When bears are asking for OoN to be nerfed to have a reason to upgrade, there's something wrong.

And I'm sorry, but saying they don't want to "clog the loot tables" with a Druid/DK tank weapon, yet they have no problem putting a tanking gun out there, much less Relics, shows they are very selective about what counts as clogging. You'd think single-spec items (Relics, spell plate, tank ranged) would be the perfect thing to put on the badge vendor, since you don't want something only 1/30th of your userbase will want to "clog the loot tables".

TL;DR: Saying we shouldn't want it is BS. Saying it's "clogging the loot tables" is BS. Is it that hard to take one hunter/kitty/ret/dkdps weapon off the tables, and replace it with something for 2 of the 4 tanking classes?

The Queue: Hodgepodge {WoW}

May 13th 2009 4:53PM Is the lack of a Ulduar-level druid or DK tanking weapon ever going to be challenged?

I think if this site were to discuss it, we might get a better answer from Blizzard than "use the dps weapons and be happy."

This is a very good (if long) thread that hasn't strayed far off topic:

Around Azeroth: Only the lonely can play {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 3:48PM Sideline DKP = inflation.
We're a Near-Zero-Sum guild, and you don't get DKP if you're not in for the kill.
When I get waitlisted, I either do my dailies and wait for a summon, or park my raid-ready toon at the FP and get on an in-guild alt. They'll say something if I'm needed, and I swap over. It's only about 30sec to swap over, and I'm not going crazy w/ boredom just sitting there.
If I want a better chance, yeah, i hang out in vent, and when someone says "I have to go in 30min", I say "I can fill it!". If I'm appropriate, the RL concurs, and I swap over about 3-5min before needed.

Time is Money: Selling your quest rewards {WoW}

Mar 5th 2009 12:31PM As mentioned, get:
which puts vendor prices in itemtips. other mods to this, but this one works in conjunction with...

Which highlights the best value in the "complete quest" text, by putting sprklies around it.

Just make sure that when you're playing an alt, you actually look at the gear for improvements.... I've picked a plate chest over a leather helm on my hunter before, without thinking about it.

The Queue: Six {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 11:42AM No, they don't have loot tables right now. The devs are probably specifically avoiding putting loot tables and achievements in the PTR so that they will still be a surprise, since those things can't really be buggy, other than having hidden items (like Champion of the Frozen Wastes did), which should be noticable by the devs, and not really need "testing".

Some things have been found in the models and data files, but they've not been linked to any particular boss.

The Queue: Six {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 11:18AM Word is that there will be a new level of emblem gear for Heroic Ulduar, and that Normal Ulduar will probably provide Emblems of Valor.

This prevents people from farming the earlier instances and getting top-of-the-line gear, and provides a ladder of emblem gear to match the ladder of raid drops.

The Queue: Six {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 11:15AM The Vault is the other castle in the water in Stormwind. I think what Euphie was asking about is the big gated portal in the wall at the end of the canal between those two districts.

That portal has always been assumed to be the eventual, hypothetical location of player housing in Stormwind, same as Old Ironforge. It's something that the devs keep saying "maybe eventually" about, and who knows what the portal will end up becoming, if anything.

Breakfast Topic: Murphy's Alt Law {WoW}

Feb 28th 2009 9:16AM That's why my main is a druid. My next highest-lvl alt is my old main who's still 70, sitting at Valgarde or something.

No headbashing here, just off-spec rolling.

The Queue: The patoot edition {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 11:40AM It requires paying a little attention, but when my main was my warrior (fera now) i always liked to grind the mobs that come out of the portal at Shadow Labs.

The NPCs hold their aggro until you start really whacking them, but all you have to do is back away, kill the ones on you, and you're good.