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Figureprints: What's the point? {WoW}

Mar 21st 2008 6:23PM Sorry here's a clickable link:

Figureprints: What's the point? {WoW}

Mar 21st 2008 6:22PM Never been much of a toy guy but I'd much rather have one of these:

The guy creates a half-decent screenshot art of your character as you look like in game. You get a pretty huge file (like 3000 pixels wide) that you can print poster size and such.

I'd just be too afraid of the figureprint breaking or getting lost, while instead you get a digital file of your character and you can print and frame to hang anywwhere. Plus it doesn't hurt that you're up in his galleries to be famous :)

But hey, to each his own. I'd pay top dollar to have Samwise paint my character though.

Wyndforge releases new WoW character art {WoW}

Mar 17th 2008 9:39PM You made an interesting point: Figureprints are officially licensed and Wyndforge can be considered direct competitor.

I will have to disagree though about the prices being outrageous, because it really is a lot more than just a modified screenshot - he's using the screenshots as a template, but he's adding all kinds of crazyness to the image in excess of 2400x1600. It's a lot of work, my guess is it's at least a full day of work. Many professional freelance artists make $50 to $100 an hour.

Also - is a joke IMHO. They make $115 for pressing the print button on a 3D printer. Many people who choose Wyndforge do so because THAT'S how people see them on screen and in game, and they want a rememberance of that. I think it's part of his success - many other artists do anime renditions of your character or illustrations, but having a poster print of your character as you see onscreen is a lot cooler and more genuine, if that makes sense.

That said, I'd prefer an illustration of my char from someone like Samwise, I'd pay top dollar for that.

Wyndforge releases new WoW character art {WoW}

Mar 17th 2008 8:44PM Regarding the prices:

Assuming these take about 8 hours to do each, that comes out to less than $20/hr for this guy. Hardly a salary to live by. lol

Wyndforge releases new WoW character art {WoW}

Mar 17th 2008 8:37PM Lawyers? Lol come on, Blizzard makes 1.5B a year on WoW alone, I doubt they'd have the time or desire to go suing some kid who IMHO is adding to the Blizzard culture, regardless if he's making a couple hundred bucks off it. It's still work, and if anything people are paying him for the effort he puts into those pieces.
Personally, I think real art is taking a pen or brush and painting something on canvas, so I agree his stuff isn't exactly "art." BUT... I am a professional Photoshop artist and the stuff he does is NOT easy.
Sparklies aside, all the extracting, blending of different screenshots and adding cool hair to them is by itself at least a few hours of work.

Look at the detail on this: