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Reviewing the Razer Nostromo: A comfortable place to rest your hand {WoW}

Sep 30th 2011 3:02PM I've been using the Nostromo for almost 3 years now. My first Nostromo broke after about 18 months and I didn't even last a day without it before I ran out and got a replacement.

Hands down the best hardware item to have for gaming. It's priceless in FPS's too!

Breakfast Topic: What was your first raid experience? {WoW}

Sep 26th 2011 10:17AM Lady Vox in EQ

Patch 4.3: Zarhym clarifies tier 13 drop methods {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 9:38AM I think it's a good change for those of us who are unable to raid. I've come this close: | | to dropping BS and picking up Engineering just to replace my head slot.

Breakfast Topic: What are your plans for Brewfest? {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 9:31AM Well I'm a tank so I should be instant in and it's a tank fight so I'm looking forward to running it 10^10 times to get the trinkets and the rare mount for my mountain of mounts achievement.

I'm also a homebrewer in RL so I'm gonna do the beer of the month just for grins. I hope the dwarves have a nice Imperial Stout....

Exclusive: Smedley on the sunsetting of Star Wars Galaxies [Updated] {Massively}

Jun 29th 2011 10:54AM Before the NGE SWG was THE sandbox game. I loved it. I loved it so much I had 3 active accounts! Everything was pretty much up to the player base. Build your own cities, a player-only based economy, REAL crafting, it had it all.

Unfortunately some of the classes were over powered, but I thought of it more as spec'd differently. If you were going to do PvP then you spec'd TK/MD but if you wanted to do PvE you spec'd like Polearms/Ranger and if you wanted to kill jedi's you spec'd BH/CM or something of the likes. Could a TK/MD kill a Polearm/ranger in a duel in about 10 seconds, yes but a TK/MD couldn't come close to harvesting 2k pelts in an hour.

Before the NGE it was the best time I've ever had in a MMO to date. I'll remember my time there fondly

RIFT begins Ascend-a-Friend referral promotion {Massively}

May 10th 2011 4:19PM Anyone want to refer me? I've been meaning to try the game out for a while now. Someone who plays in the evenings on Central Time?

Servers coming back online following extended maintenance {WoW}

Apr 27th 2011 9:21AM Tanked one instance yesterday just to try my luck at the BoA loot bag. I figured the first day maybe the drop rates will be higher on the rare mounts. Got a Green Proto-drake!

Tuesday Morning Post: Maybe soon edition {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 12:14PM The 4.1 patch requires 9GB of space!! It will only end up using 320mb though. Link to the article here:

Tuesday Morning Post: Maybe soon edition {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 12:13PM Its out.. they just posted 4.1 install notes in the non-PTR forums.