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Should Blizzard allow us to deposit money in a personal bank? {WoW}

May 8th 2008 8:34PM I use, quite militantly, the DepositBox addon that lets me hide gold I make. I have it set to 150g bag threshold and 75% "direct deposit", meaning 75% of all gold I make is automatically stowed away and after I get 150g in my bags, 100% of all gold I make is stowed away.

When I periodically do things like get mats for crafting consumables for raids, I spend that 150g guilt free, it's a nice way to budget myself.

I'm at 3500/5000 on my second epic flyer, I spent about 300g on epic jewelcrafting patterns for my guild, but I'll get it back by doing dailies on my several seventies.

It would be nice to be able to have extra layers of security on your account--why Blizzard doesn't let us set an option to require password changes confirmed via registered e-mail address is beyond me. I think a "pin" requirement for personal banks/guild banks, etc would be very nice. Having two of my top officers get hacked and losing 150+ void crystals from our guild bank was pretty devastating. I'd love to have PINs on the "rare stuff/raid stuff" tab rather than limiting my most trusted officers to only being able to take one item a day from the bank.

Officers' Quarters: We love you, but L2P {WoW}

May 6th 2008 7:09AM I never thought about AV being boot camp.

I used to heal it extensively on my priest long before BC came out.

When I was leveling my Pally up, I actually kinda did send myself to AV boot camp. I was level 65, specced 20 holy (reduced chance of healing knockback & illumination) and the rest in ret. I was wearing healing gear I'd got from low level instances (the robe from blood furnace, for instance, the blue cenarion expedition healing mace, etc), I hit top of the healing meter consistantly over 70s in epics.

I spent time turning 70 in AV grinding rep for gear before switching mains. I ground the bracers/boots/belt/necklace before S2 ended and got the healing chest and gloves shortly after S3 started.

Good training. I try and bring fresh 70 alts and all of my healing core into AV to mess around. We get 2-3 healers and a few of our DPS and just descemate the place over and over again.

Officers' Quarters: We love you, but L2P {WoW}

May 6th 2008 6:33AM I don't usually like to single people out. I've been meaning to encourage EVERY member of my raid to go read their class threads on EJ's forums. I think they're very good and everyone, including myself, could use the knowledge there to apply to our games to make us better.

By leading by example and reading the EJ stuff and talking about it and changing myself because of it, others feel inclined to as well.

While a bit manipulative, one way I found to chat with people about their playstyle is to have alts. I've got at least one of every class. I can go and ask them questions about how to play their class. I ask lots of people about thier playstyles and classes all the time, I learned how to play my five level seventies from people who were fairly pro.

By coming to someone who needs improvement for advice, I'm both making them feel good, feel like they're helping others, and making them think about their gameplay. If they say something I don't agree with or don't think sounds right, I might move the discussion in that way and says something like, "I heard it worked this way, why do you choose to do in that way instead?" A lot of times we both walking away with a bit more knowledge on how to play.

Choosing the group role (for the hot engineer sex) {WoW}

Apr 29th 2008 6:08AM @RogueJedi86: My chant as a guild leader and raid leader is, "It puts the omen in its addon folder or it gets the hose again!"

Spiritual Guidance: 3 Priest specs your raid should not leave Shattrath without {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 8:46PM We've had our Discipline Priest pain supression the tank late in an unlucky Gruul fight to help mitigate damage from the last growth or two, which really helps the healers, which in turn lets us finish the fight. At that point our tanks are so far ahead of everyone else on agro that we don't have to worry about the agro reduction.

I like one of each.

Ask WoW Insider: How to avoid idiots? {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 8:34PM When I call upon the legion of trade, I first look at someone's armory before I even respond to them. I then ask them: Do you have a microphone? Can you get on my vent server?

Only if they answer yes and their gear seems fairly acceptable do they get invited. If all goes well, I invite them to join our super secret comminication channel for players who don't suck--which we always go to first for pugging Heroics.

Officers' Quarters: Casual raiding that works {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 8:21PM I don't constantly recruit, though I do constantly train, I ask for select classes to do select roles. I don't want to bring someone in and then not have room for them: That makes drama. We don't want no drama.

One way I've found to "Recruit" people is to do things like set up a partial pug Karazhan (with enough core to carry the raid if necessary 1 tank, 2 healers, 2 super dps), attending pug Karazhan raids on fairly geared alts, or pugging heroics. This especially works with officer alts.

Being generous with loot, non-drama mongering, playing to the best of our abilities, always being prepared, always being on top of our game, and being excellent to others pays off in the long run.

If you can manage to establish your guild in people's minds as a group of "cool compitent people who can raid successfully and still have fun without drama", there's a chance they may reciprocate later, or tell their friends who are looking for a place.

Every now and then, someone brings my guild's reputation to my attention: It's almost always positive feedback, that we have really good well liked reliable compitent players. It makes me proud and it makes people come to us when they're looking a home.

Choosing a class for raiding with low FPS {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 7:43PM I run at about 9fps and have almost no trouble at all. I run dual screen and that might mess up the fps readings. I DO need a new video card but after my car was almost totaled by an uninsured driver, all of my extra money saved for a new really nice video card went to deductible and rental car costs.

I have problems with stuff like "frogger" in Nax where my machine displays things at a slightly different location than they actually are at, but, I play a Paladin, so frogger? I just bubble and walk on through. Though that could have just been a driver issue. :p

My compuer is 6 years old and works pretty well. I could go waste money on a new video card or I could simply just save money and get a nice high end computer that'll last me another 6 or 7 years once my car gets paid off next year.

Choosing the group role (for the hot engineer sex) {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 7:37PM Most guilds on the server I'm on seek tanks and healers constantly. I think part of it is how people treat tanks and healers in runs, it's discouraging, and many a healer or person with tank dreams winds up going DPS and giving up--my guild is terribly lucky to not have a shortage of tanks or healers. Don't ask me how or why, I don't know how it happened.

Um... WTB DPS?

Drysc reveals new arena season 4 rating requirements and rules {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2008 6:07PM I'd have less problems with this if arena PVP combat was actually balanced. All we're going to see out of this is hundreds of no-skill lifebloom and run resto druids and mace spec warriors in full S4 while everyone else is in S2 with spatterings of S1 and S3.

I'm glad I pretty much quit arenas a while ago. No matter how skilled my buddy and I were, a Hunter/Holy Paladin team could never take a MS War/Resto Druid team of equal gear and skill.