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BigRedKitty: A Video Special Event {WoW}

Oct 17th 2007 7:18PM Sorry, but I'm going to have to side with the haters this time around. He's emphasizing his trapping ability, and runs all over the place to chain trap the square. Then he makes a point of adjusting his camera angle to watch the shackle in case something goes wrong, but fails to drop a trap between the shackle and the priest, and the priest dies because of it. That's just embarrassing.

Around Azeroth: Auchenai Crypts {WoW}

May 8th 2007 11:32AM @Twinny -- Wow. Hold down shift when you click a link, it'll open the link in a new window. That or l2usetabs. Don't ask a site to impose your browsing habits on all its users.

The Micro Windmill Mobile Charger {Engadget}

Feb 21st 2006 10:04AM How long before a rough do-it-yourself equivalent shows up on Make?

Jones Thanksgiving Sodas {Slashfood}

Nov 12th 2005 11:47PM I ordered several bottles of the Turkey & Gravy soda two years ago (their run sold out in a single day -- the first year it was available?) as gag gifts for my coworkers. Calling them gag gifts was rather apt, as this is the most digusting beverage I have ever tasted. It doesn't even come close to tasting like turkey or gravy. The only way I can describe it is seawater mixed with dirt. Nonetheless, we still have a couple of closed bottles that go on display during the holiday just for the shock and novelty factor. Maybe they've improved the flavor in the last couple of years, but I have no desire to find out.