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Addon Spotlight: Healbot Continued part 2 {WoW}

Mar 19th 2008 11:00PM @Aerendil

Healbot Continued does have a Hot timer feature which u can place on the bar...

I've been using this addon for near on a year now and have converted many of the "It has Bot in it" brigade in guild so almost 80% of healers now use it..tbh the only way a lot of these ppl was converted is to see it in action in 25 man raids on raid healing....just shows you how much more you HPS you can put out with better co-ordination. I got vids of me comparing using a similar style X-perl manual heal and HB in Gruul's Lair back when I 1st started using it... the difference is awesome...

Also tried the pitbull/clique combo and was not impressed tbh....If there was one add-on I could buy shares in it would be Healbot Cont..