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Tosog goes 0 to 70 in 28 and a half hours {WoW}

Mar 20th 2008 9:31AM The German text (roughly) translates to:
This was done thanks to precise planning and help of my guildies and friends (T6 equipped). I've never killed a single mob by myself, I just hit it once and the non-grouped helpers finished it.
I avoided long ways / travelling by help of Warlocks that ported me to strategic places. In addition I only played during the night, thus avoiding crowded zones and non available quest mobs.
I also made advantage of the resting bonus, but the most of the XPs were gained by solving quests.
I used the leveling guides on and (from lvl65 on)
"Tosog" is my 5. char I leveled using these guides and so I already knew the quests and places.

All in all (planning, organisation etc.) it took me more time to get this char to 70 than playing it the "normal" way (with about 5-7 days /played).

I'm no native speaker but I hope it helps.