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Player buys bear mount from guild for 20,000 gold {WoW}

Mar 20th 2008 10:22PM Hello all, I have never thought it would get this kind of proportions. Anyway, it's a subject we can comment on and the fact is that I farmed the gold, I offered Torment the amount and they gave me the mount. There aren't many things to spend the gold on, I already bought lots of epics and stuff for all my alts and don't know yet if I'm going to leave wow to try another game so why leave the gold behind? I'm against selling the gold or buying it, I farmed because it gives me pleasure. I sure defend there would be items/mounts/pets in wow very expensive for players who like to farm instead of raiding or pvping. Anyway, the important thing is that every player finds a way to enjoy the game. ;)