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Badges of Justice topple the Black Temple {WoW}

Mar 14th 2008 8:30AM ............................. Raiding is fun for me. IF you go healer your usually someone who loves raiding. You all need to stop complaining. Raids arent going to "die out" the MC and blackwing lair are over because guilds dont raid at 60 anymore. THat was pre BC, that was " so last year ago". If you see my point,kara runs are still being made ofcourse, guilds need to advance, you are acting like guilds will somehow be super duper leet by the time a new instance comes out. Everybody needs to work together in their guild and make it all work. Gear counts for 23/100th of ability, the rest of it is playing your class for months, or years, and knowing how to play your class

Hunters, say hello to Thori'dal {WoW}

Mar 14th 2008 8:21AM The weapon is EXTREMELY slow, which really makes it a weapon that not a lot of people would want, due to the fact that its speed is outrageous. As a hunter I have tried fast bows ( Hurricane) and tryed some slow bows, my bow now is 2.30 if they made a 1.50 bow with low dam but high dps , you would be able to manuevre around in combat easier. This is just my say