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Season 6 PVP sets are a true upgrade {WoW}

Mar 17th 2009 9:58AM @Michael Sacco

I hope your entire post was sarcasm... because this is pathetic. The new models are tragically lazy and very unimpressive. This is coming from someone who can't stand arena and couldn't care less about season gear. Even considering that, I thought I'd speak up.

Forum post of the day: Favored Son {WoW}

May 21st 2008 5:28PM Frankly, I'd like to see actual proof of the cuneiform on tablets. :)

Big Download talks to Blizzard about eSports and PvE/PvP {WoW}

May 13th 2008 4:08PM Part of the problem with arena is that pretty much everyone and their brother wants to be able to pvp in battlegrounds effectively and in world pvp. They might not enjoy arenas and instead settle for grinding out honor and tokens in battlegrounds for season 1 and be happy with that. What that does, though, is take away players who may enjoy raiding and would rather raid if there were good pvp rewards. Alright, trade tokens for pvp gear - thank goodness.
However, what about those people who just got to level 70 and need to find groups in order to get the gear to run Kara or heroics in order to really kick start raiding with their character? Forget about it, most people are in battlegrounds grinding out that pvp gear.
Arena did some harm but if you really want to blame anyone or anything, it's honor-grindable season 1 gear. That's fine, I'll get mine... but only because it's impossible to get groups because my peers are doing exactly what they're forcing me to do.

Player vs. Everything: Choking on graphics {Massively}

May 4th 2008 8:28AM Hands down, this guy didn't do his homework. This isn't a preview, nor is it anything close to the closed beta version. If you do not have access to the closed beta version, you have nothing to say. If you do have access to the closed beta version, you can't say anything (NDA). This is a very old version of the game, horribly incomplete and unbalanced. This isn't simply an opportunity to give you a chance to be in any kind of beta at all, it's a STRESS test and nothing more. It's OPEN beta because they need a lot of people in the beta. I can see you're not in the closed beta, and the reasons are obvious.

The Digital Continuum: Macrotransactions {Massively}

Apr 26th 2008 1:18PM With the constant "reroll locust" that exists in WoW (those people, like you, who can't do the grind to 70 any more and quit early, but simply can't quit WoW entirely), Blizzard would make a killing and at the same time deal with an issue annoying to other players.

However, they will not even begin to consider this due to their stubborn attitudes. As a matter of fact, the most prudent concept of merging low population servers in order to fix the real plague that hurts Blizzard, dead empty wastes of realms, isn't even really on the table. They sure won't make new servers to do this.

The Digital Continuum: Cinematic combat {Massively}

Apr 19th 2008 11:15AM That sounds fine and all but imagine being locked in combat while someone from an opposing faction comes at you from behind.

Breakfast Topic: Spell pushback {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2008 9:20AM Wanting Intellect to mitigate spell damage is no different than a melee player telling you to get more Agility for dodging those melee hits.