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Breakfast Topic: A waste of money {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2008 11:01AM Dropped 375 Blacksmithing, lost my epic crafted tanking sword.. for engineering, now have the head for both dps and tanking + an xtra mount to add to the collection...

engy+aircloud+shadowmist+swampgas+prottank = whocaresaboutrepairbills

Defense cap defined {WoW}

Mar 25th 2008 7:24AM " Of course, there are many stats that are important for the warrior tank to focus on. Defense is just one of them. However this is not a guide about tanking, this is a guide about why many people say there is a defense cap."

what you failed to mention though is the fact that you dont just reach 490 and stop...

depending on your gear and or stats you may have to increase you defence rating in order to gain better avoidence and mitigation..

you can hit the 490 mark and have 7.5k life.. yep know worrys, off to Kara to wipe some groups..

being a warrior tank is all about damage mitigation and if you dont read some more on this subject you will get creamed...

and how do I know this ??

I used to be one of them.. I soon found out that the so called "geek sites with all the maths and stats" actually knew what they were talking about.. since then i have been able to progress beyond Kara,SSC and TK into Hyjal and BT

My defence cap i dont have one.. but i have been as high as 536 defence rating as i was chasing dodge and parry rating as the gear i had at the time was high in block rating..

So please warriors dont think of it as a cap.. it just means you are uncritable by a mob and by no means stop work on your damage mitigation and all other stats all the time

Defense cap defined {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2008 6:59PM I really think that you guys need some help..

What are the diminishing returns?

none.. what about the ultimate goal of any tank to become "passivly uncrushable" or as close to it as possible. I notice you mention the uncritable stats, but for any readers who read this you can get slammed by crushing blows even at 490 def.. what it all comes down to is a combination of many things... 490 def rating is only part of it

if you are a tank and believe this garbage above.. delete your toon and play a hunter or warlock

or if you are serious.. goto and get some real advice