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Breakfast Topic: Blizzard's patch 3.1 goals {WoW}

Mar 8th 2009 10:47AM I always find the QQ's kinda funny, im a hunter, previously a BM hunter and boy did we get nerfed to the ground, but you know what, i tried a spec i though i would never like and i really like it, it different way to play, different rotation and by golly i still have fun playing this game.

Im actually glad that they did what they did to BM's otherewise i probably would have never really given another spec a true try and it would have been a loss.

So you will either find a new way to play current class/spec, switch to new class or drop the game. Most i suspect will deal with the changes have they have alway and find a way to play their class well even with all the new changes.

I think if they did make the changes they do the game would get stale even faster.

Breakfast Topic: Raiding: How easy is too easy? {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2009 10:05AM Do hard core players play for the challenge, well there will be more challenges.

Do hard core players play for the storyline, well so do we casual raiders and my money is as good as yours and therefore we should be able to see the storyline to the end also.

Do hard core raiders play for the gear that they can get and brag about? Well you will and still can get better gear then the casual raider along with the coolest mounts. You may not be able to run around with the coolest looking shoulders and weapons anymore, as more people with have access to them but you will still have some gear we will not get and some cool mounts, (just sit on the flying station in dalaran so we can all gawk at your flying mount that most of us will never get).

Are the hardcore raiders in it for all the above reasons? Well you will have your challenges that most if us will never be able to do, you will have some gear and mounts that most of us will never get. The only thing is everyone will be able to follow the storyline to it's finish and to me that is the important thing.

Really what's the difference between running oh say BT without most people not being able to see the content of it and having content that everyone can see but still have hard modes where only the better guilds will be able to do them. Yo are still doing the same raid all the time, there are just more challenges now and more people can do the easy modes... (instead of being able to say, "we cleared Sarth" now it will be, "we cleared Sarth with 3 drakes up"). That was just an example for going forward. You wil still being doing things most of wont be able too do. And im pretty confident in stating that when they put legendary weopons in this expansion it will at the very least be in only heroics modes and possibly only in the hard modes as they should be as they are legendary and only the best players should have access to those.

BigRedKitty: Channeling Larry King {WoW}

Sep 17th 2008 9:57PM "Tenacity pets tanking anything elite seems pretty impossible unless they are changed as well."

if you cant currently solo an elite with current format of cats, i say hang up your hunter tag and retire. Tanking elites should only get easier. Bosses might be different but elites are cake (non Heoric elites).

Forced to choose {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 9:58PM I am of the opinion that i pay to play this game and if omething comes up that i want to do then i will do it. I paly this game to have fun not worry about if someone is going to be pissy at me becuase if left if the middle fo a 5 man instance for a raid, especially if it is a guild riad. Now i wont leave if a friend pst me to do another 5 man or heroic, i will stay and finish, but if a raid spot opens up, then yes i will be leaving if i know i can commit the time to finish the raid but if i cant commit the time to finish the raid i will not leave. My intention going into a heroic run is to finish it but im sorry, if a raid spot opens up then i will leave. I am always honest when i leave and tell them a raid spot opened up and they need me. usually 1 or 2 of the people will say lucky you and gl and wishing they where getting the invite.

I play the game for myself, not for anyone else. I will have more fun in a raid than i will in a 5 man and personally i think most people who have raided before will understand when i leave for a raid. I certainly understand when some leaves for guild reason or to run a raid, simply becuase i would do the same.

All of us pay to play this game and i assume all of us consider out time valuable and because of this i have no issue if im in a grp and someone leave to go into a raid and has to help thier guild with something, none what so ever and i would hope people understand and feel the same way but reading the posts here it seems that is not hte case. All i can say is oh well and gl on finishing the run.

Forum post of the day: Random acts of kindness {WoW}

Jul 20th 2008 8:28AM Just joking about that last one, i usually (95%) will not attack the other side unless i have been ganked first. There have been plenty of times where i have either been helped or have helped a hoodie out.

Although one time was pretty hiloarious when me (a hunter) and another hunter where helping eachother out and after about 10 mon of helping out i guess the hunter want ed to try and prove himself or something and attacked me, even with suprise on his side All i can say is he didnt win and then when he got back from beign dead he appologized and began helping again. I actaully think it is kinda fun working with the other side.

I kinda of wish there was like one instance with just one boss that you actaully had to team up with horde to win. (maybe more like a BG where Horde and alliance have to team up to whip up on a Big boss or raid a castle controlled byt he game).

Forum post of the day: Random acts of kindness {WoW}

Jul 20th 2008 8:17AM Me not attacking Horde on Site is an "Act of Kindness".

The inevitable loss {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 8:46PM I think Premades are great. They are a completely different experience than raiding and no they are not a guaranteed out come. BG's will always be unpridictable and even the best strategy will need to be changed on the fly at time, (the Fog of War). Raiding is always predictable, sure you can still occasionally win when things go bad but less likely. Battling with the human element to me anyways is more enjoyable than a true Premade such as a dungeon where all suprise is taken off the board. In raid, you have the gear and you do what your suppsed to do you will win. In BG's you have the gear and follow the so called winning strategy and you still may not win.

Flying mounts and ruined PvP {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 7:50PM PVP = Player vs Player

PVE = Player vs Enviroment

If you rolled on a PVP server then expect to be ganked by whatever level chooses to Gank you. It's called a PVP server for a reason.

I know you want my rogue to pop out of stealth and tell the fully equiped s3 warrior warrior, "please turn around so you know that i am attacking you in my leather gear, i want to make this fair for you, so feel free to charge me and hamstring me and hammer me as hard as you can".

I suppose that is how PVP should work (honorably).

Please if you are on PVP just stop, stop, stop all the QQ'ing. Go play on the PVE server, then you can hop and skip and enjoy the fine scenery with nigh a worry in world.

Arcane Brilliance: How to fix Mages {WoW}

Jul 6th 2008 12:09PM look there should be no guaranteed top fo the charts for dps, the pur dps classes should all be challenging eachother for that honor (mages, hunters, Rogues and locks). It should come down to skill, who specced corectly, who gemmed correctly, who enchanted correctly, etc. No class should just be giving the DPS tiele just for playing that class, (with the exception of maybe rogues and that is entirely what they are built for other than their on cc option which by the way is only good at the start of the fight).

How about we all just roll a druid, then we can be wwhat ever we want, (tank, ranged dps (spells), healer, melee dps with dire cat when it comes out).
there we go, one class will solve all our needs... lol

Oh and by the way i believe hunters are the least represented class in all of arena's.