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Massively's guide to SWTOR's launch and beyond {Massively}

Dec 12th 2011 9:29PM @heimskringla They didn't lie. It's subject to change. Lots of things change throughout the process. The FAQ does state there will be no grace period. I have seen interviews in August where they mention it. After that they changed the FAQ to indicate there would be no grace period.

They are also working with retailers to get copies shipped out early. And there are reports that this is indeed happening.

Really it's just a game. Life is too damn short and not worth getting pissy over something that just doesn't matter. You will have plenty of time to play.

Massively's guide to SWTOR's launch and beyond {Massively}

Dec 12th 2011 9:26PM @aurickle They are working with retailers to send out copies early. Some people who have pre-ordered from gamestop and amazon report their copies are now shipping.

Massively's guide to SWTOR's launch and beyond {Massively}

Dec 12th 2011 9:24PM @aurickle They didn't say anything about a grace period when pre-orders became available. Those comments didn't come out until August.

But things are subject to change and they did indeed update the pre-order FAQ with the correct info.

But still, it's just a game. There are far more important things in life. Not worth getting your panties in a bunch because you lose out on a few hours/days of play time. There's plenty of time to play.

Breakfast Topic: Which part of "Mists of Pandaria" has you most excited? {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2011 9:00AM Dailies for valor points. And i'm curious about the pet combat. Challenge mode has potential because it focuses on skill and not gear.

Blizzard discusses Mists of Pandaria details {Massively}

Oct 21st 2011 11:22PM @(Unverified) I agree that it sucks that after all this time we are only just now getting a 2nd class.
And i'm not sold on the talent system, I do see potential with it and will withhold judgement until I get my hands on it.
The zones that are in the expansion are said to be very large. Twice the size of current zones. So it's like getting 10 of the current world zones. It's still pretty big.
I still would like to see more levels. 5 levels is pretty quick to blow through but I am looking forward to having more end game gameplay options that suit my gameplay style and allow me to gear up.

Blizzard discusses Mists of Pandaria details {Massively}

Oct 21st 2011 11:18PM I actually like it. I think the asian setting is great. Pandas don't bother me at all. The feature set looks like something i'd enjoy. Yeah, I think it will be good for me and my wife to play.
We don't currently have active wow accounts so we're not fanboys, we're both in our 30's and i'm also in the TOR beta and can see both games existing happily side by side on my hard drive.

Reviewing the Razer Nostromo: A comfortable place to rest your hand {WoW}

Oct 1st 2011 9:08AM I do own a N52 which is basically the same thing. Now I have a G13 as I needed more buttons. The saitek cybork gamepad I think is better than both however it's not made anymore. Making the G13 the best of the bunch for now.

BioWare confirms no SWTOR beta this weekend {Massively}

Sep 8th 2011 9:09AM I actually really like the dialog. The writing is good and not cheesy like other MMO's and the voice acting is great.

Retired RIFT players, come back for free July 13-19 {Massively}

Jul 13th 2011 4:36PM People worry way too much about whether a game is dying and the motives behind promos. It simply doesn't matter.
If you enjoy it, play it, if not then don't. The ONLY reason that matters when it comes to gaming is what you enjoy.

I for one am going to log in again and see what's new.

The Daily Grind: Would you be as excited for Guild Wars 2 if it were a subscription game? {Massively}

Jul 6th 2011 1:17PM I'm excited about it but if it had a sub I wouldn't get it. I have another MMO I plan to play and to play two I just wouldn't have much time to play both and wouldn't then want to pay for two subs.

However with it free I will pay for one MMO and then get guild wars 2 as it is free and I can play super casually.