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Mommy's Best Games asks ESA members to renounce SOPA {Joystiq}

Jan 3rd 2012 3:23PM Beg pardon, but while I agree with Mr. Fouts's sentiments, I must point out that we gamers aren't represented by the ESA: we're represented by the ECA, and their stance is fairly clear:

Anyway, as you were.

Hyperspace Beacon: Top five SWTOR launch day secrets {Massively}

Dec 20th 2011 8:01PM Has that decoder for the Star Wars written language been "official" for any amount of time?

And... no one noticed that the symbols for lower-case E and upper-case N were identical? Same for vice versa - lower-case N and upper-case E.

For serious?

BioWare's next IP teased with Uncharted-esque car flipping action shot {Joystiq}

Nov 7th 2011 12:25PM Shattered Steel? A remake of the first game developed by BioWare in 1996?

Featured mechs and aliens and a desolate future landscape? Maybe? Possibly?

Probably not, though. Time to go for wishful thinking:

Somebody bid $1,725 for Modern Warfare 3 on eBay {Joystiq}

Nov 4th 2011 12:11PM @NecroSen
Nevermind, I just read the OTHER Joystiq article on this, stating that pre-release play of MW3 is "not authorized" and that doing so "may impact your account".

Well, sucks to be those people. I guess they'll just have to... I don't know, wait four days?

No patience anymore in this generation, is there?

Somebody bid $1,725 for Modern Warfare 3 on eBay {Joystiq}

Nov 4th 2011 11:52AM Clearly this person is just trolling himself. If you look at the "bids" submitted, more than half are from accounts with no ratings. I doubt these are just new accounts that happen to have a lot of money: it's probably the same guy making fake accounts to pad his price, make headlines and so on.

That said, since the final bidder was one of these fake accounts, the dude's just gonna claim he gave himself all the money, add a rating to the account, and possibly try again so he can get more attention (*hinthint*, that's your part in this play, Joystiq).

Not news, just trollin.

Somebody bid $1,725 for Modern Warfare 3 on eBay {Joystiq}

Nov 4th 2011 11:45AM @GeraltRivia
Not entirely. I know some stores that break their embargoes and let people buy games the weekend before release. It's not a totally uncommon phenomenon, either, as Microsoft and probably Sony have said, in the past, that embargo-breakers won't get banned for playing a legitimate copy of the game early.

Those who download a leaked copy and try to play it on a hacked console, however, will be banned. Key difference. Obviously, those who play an early copy will be under more scrutiny, but they won't be banned as long as they bought a true retail copy.

Battlefield 3 brings down the house with 'Destruction' trailer {Joystiq}

Oct 12th 2011 12:25PM @McPo
I think he's thinking of a CoD sequel.

Battlefield 3 brings down the house with 'Destruction' trailer {Joystiq}

Oct 12th 2011 12:24PM @HaVoK308
In two weeks, you'll be able to see for yourself. I'd reserve my judgment til then.

Watch this Binary Domain trailer or there will be consequences {Joystiq}

Oct 9th 2011 3:27AM So, exactly how many different game, movie and other trailers are going to keep using songs by Two Steps From Hell?

The most recent Star Trek movie used the song "Freedom Fighters", Mass Effect 2 used "Heart of Courage", that awful Tekken movie trailer used "Am I Not Human?", this trailer uses "Black Blade", some crappy cell phone commercial used "Invincible"...

I mean, I dig the music, but these guys are total whores with it. :P