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Forum post of the day: The tank surplus {WoW}

Jan 24th 2009 10:54AM I think the point is that rather then there being a decent balance, it sort of swung in the oposite direction on many servers. Having a DPS shortage is something i thought i'd never hear, but we exeprienced it in our own guild, a pretty decently sized one that previously had an abundance of DPS. Yet we started to see mroe and more "cmon guys, need 1 mroe dps for X". that and healers. peeps were buggin me to level my shaman (who had been primarily elemental in BC) and spec her resto so they could have a dedicated healer. Half our healers and a large chunk of our dps rolled DK's, or leveled their DPS, etc.

So it's not that were griping about having tanks now the we have them, its about striking a balance. and with tanking being eaiser then it has ever been, and teh idea of CC thrown out the window ( who needs it anymore?), DPs is relegated to one of teh most boring roles in the game right now....mash ur dps button, move out of the fire. Yeah, they did that alto previously, but seriously, its even worse now. DPS is almost boring now. tanking is far mroe exciting, and with dual specs, every peep out there will roll a hybrid. single DPs classes i think are going to go by teh wayside, with only the truely dedicated playing them.

Oddly enough, i was considering leveling my hunter the other day ( currently @ 44). nvr had an interest before, but ironically we have a shortage of good hunters in our guild at cap. I'll repeat that again for you....we actually have almost 0 hunters at cap in our guild....but we have DK's and pallys and warriors aplenty, with DK's holding the top spot for most played class.

Nothing wrong with hunters per se, just never been interested in ranged classes really (aside from my shaman). but i lost interest in a few of my toons when i got to cap and realized my Dk and warrior had to compete with the other dozen Dk's that were already there, wanting to tank. a few of those had previosuly been our guilds hunters :P

Blizzard puts advertising on the WoW front page {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 6:18PM please note, i didn't label you as liberalistic, but the opinion you stated. and my whole point was to keep on topic, sorry if my perception of your issues with the military caused you grief.

And i don't watch fox, there too biased.

and i spent 4 years in the military, and hold it AND our country in high regard. and i like to discuss WoW on this forum, not opinions about the military. Hope you can do the same.

note: i feel the same about the repubs and dems :) not to happy either way :P. and i could say alot about some of the things their teaching our kids prior to 18 that IMHO are far worse then the military, but id prefer to stay on topic. Sry for the rant.

Blizzard puts advertising on the WoW front page {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 4:27PM How about not posting your liberalistic idealisms in a thread about game playing and a free market? head over to the leftist forums please, I prefer my wowinsider to remain politically neutral TY, plz stick to the topic

Blizzard puts advertising on the WoW front page {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 4:10PM :P my bad....the price I pay for not paying attention and typing while i work

Blizzard puts advertising on the WoW front page {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 2:43PM I lol'ed at that last one...the article griping about ads while im struggling to avoid the java ads on this site from freezing up my work net connection :P sigh...firewalls...

But they're both there for the same reason. My only real gripe with it is that one of the reasons I don't mind paying for stuff like WoW (and lotRO, War, etc.) is that paying for it theoretically should be a substitute for dealing with adds and other irritating things (such as having to by points to upgrade your gear, etc.). Many free MMO's utilize ads and purchasing online materials to make their money. i don't harbor that againts them because I know they do that in compensation for not forcing me to pay a monthly fee.

Wow had been different, due to the monthly fee. I felt safe knowing that i wouldn't have to deal with similar offal because i was supporting the company a different way.there are a few other websites that im wiling to 'donate' to to remove the banners and ads. My donation offsets their operating costs, hence they can remove the ads for me. that's pretty much the standard across the net. Unspoken, i should say, and i doubt theres anything involving that in the ToS. But that's not the point. It's about expectations, and perception.

When they put these ads in their as well, it gives me the feeling that their trying to increase profits (not a bad thing)in a way that is subverted or hidden (a bad thing). I don't deny them the opportunity to make more income, but when they try to do it like that, in ADDITION to a fee, it comes across as trying to sneak. this is what i think gives alot of folks the impression that their being 'greedy'. why not just be up front and increase monthly fees by 1$ per month? i would accept that to keep ads and other drivel from my loader and the official websites.

Most peeps who use public sites are used to the ads there, and they recognize the reason for it. But the minute someone steps up and starts 'paying' for a service, they build expectations. And one pretty common expectation is that they can utilize said services and feel like their money was worth it. And i dont think the ads constitute that. they cheapen the experience.

yes, companies need to make money. But their goal shodld be to do it in a way that satisfies customers and builds respect. I feel like they respect me less now. My money means less to them as a customer.especially when we get the gold spammer ads that pop up. 'Oops, sry folks, didn't realize they were a gold spammer, in spite of the fact that we spend (how much?) to curb them in game...we have no problems with risking them on our site'

they might have removed this latest one, but their actions don't make me believe that their serious about it. Not as serious as they are about eeking more $$ out of the situation. Especially when they eliminate complaints about it on their forums. It doesn't really add to the overal opinion people are getting about the issue.

unfortunately, Blizz (I fear) is turning into the thing you always hope your game wont turn into...a huge. bloated, beaurocratic mob that is bent on profits over quality. Bliz has always been able to balance that well, and their success show this. But since they folded in with activision, their actions have turned more towards global success rather then quality game. It's sort of sad to feel this way for me...I have always long defended blizz and its games overall, for i have loved them. But with this new exansion, more and more, i feel less connected with the game i loved and more like im part of some huge machine.

Blizz will always make a game that will appeal, its their skill. Yet i have always been wary of activision...they've always focused more on business then quality games. Many of their game are good, but its because they buy out a smaller company with a great idea and turn it into a PR and market-fest nightmare (Temple of Elemental Evil anyone?). their cusotomer support has always been sub-par, and they've always been profit first, customer second.

I was hoping when blizz got into bed with them that blizz's natural strengths and ability to turn profit would be enough to satisfy the activision beast, and they would leave our game alone. Unfortunately, this step does not give me much hope of that anymore. Do i still ove the game? yes, very much so. But burnout, coupled with dissatisfaction overal with teh direction of teh company, has moved me to try out other games. So sadly WoW now shares time (unequally i might add) with other MMO's...they are just more interesting right now, and i ahve no ads or other jargon to deal with. Do i still hop on and play WoW on occasion? yes, but its due to blizz's excellent game, not activisions financial decisions.

Servers still down for emergency maintenance this morning [UPDATED] {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 11:40AM Hay I take offense to that hippy remark!

...I only wear birkenstocks on weekends :P

Ya i was on to tinker at about 4:55 am pst, and got the server restart message, dropped me right on the spot @ 5am. i wont be off work till 7pm tonight, so doesn't affect me too much. G/l all (hoping this does fix some of the issues, could care less about arena, but just my pref)

The Art of War(craft): How Patch 3.0.8 changes PvP {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 10:28AM @ 25 -

You took his statement out of context Dart. throw a period in between difficulty and Naxx, those are 2 sentences. For your benefit, though, he should have put the period there, but he was referring to how raids are going to increase in difficulty PERIOD and Naxx is a test right now...yada yada.

Basically blizz stated that Naxx was made this easy on purpose, and they plan on any new raid additions to be much harder. We'll see what they define as hard once they get here i guess :)

World of Warcraft listed as one of the 30 most offensive games {WoW}

Jan 10th 2009 9:55AM A long time reader of Wow insider, and i've enjoyed many articles, disagreed with a few, but overall never had too many issues that would motivate me to comment in general on wowinsider, but this one does.

im offended by the general direction of the article, and the comments that are within. There are quite a few decent ones, ill admit, from decent folk who understand that the original article was for a select group of people who might want more information on games. The original article did not do a single thing to communicate that they believed that people should not play these games. there was no mind control, no hate spewing forth from the article (though it seems many commenter believed there was...ironic i can't find that reference in the article itself)

I would personally ask Wow insider to not post articles about religious topics...I do not come to this game nor this website to have people put someones faith up on a judgment post and think they have the right to slight it. I am quite offended at this, regardless of my thoughts on religion. I don't play this game to further my beliefs, or to convince other people of what i believe. I play this game because i have many friends who play with me, and we all enjoy our time together. I would like to see the topics stay away from these things, and on the game please.

On the note of the original article, it has no effect on our gameplay. there are sites that offer information like this for a dozen or more genres, such as movies, theater, games, TV, magazines, comic books, etc. this is no different. At a good point Adam really refrained from making judgements on the items in the article, but the mention of Christianity is obviously going to bring a slew of hatred forth. I would just like to see wowinsider avoid this in the future, it really is a deterrent to some folks who otherwise enjoy wowinsider in general.

The Light and How to Swing It: Shine on! A 2008 review {WoW}

Jan 1st 2009 11:37AM It seems that pallys are finally being balanced well, based on the number of QQ threads from other classes (about the same as other classes qq threads.) I for one love the fact that all 3 talent specs are finally viable (not too much into holy, i have a druid and shaman that can heal, dont feel a need to respec my pally for that).

and to the poster who said pallys AoE tanking was OP, it has always been that way (not OP, but situationally good at this point in time). I leveled my pally as prot prior to 2.3, and she would often finish larger scale AoE fights with solid health (though mana was usually caput, we either get one or the other.). and prot pallies still have to drink after large pulls, whereas my warrior never does.

the key is prior to wrath, many instances weren't as AoE friendly as the wrath ones are. So it would stand to reason that the 'kings' of AoE tanking would shine in Aoe friendly instances, wouldn't you think so? In BC, this was not the case, with many fights being smaller scale with harder hitting mobs. A prot pally has always had issues with smaller groups/single hard hitting mobs. Warriors still top the charts for those encounters, which is fine with me. Ill stick to AoE tanking on my pally, and keep my warrior for the other stuff.

But there are sitll limitations (the mana thing). and i still have a few classes that are challenging on my pally. I run the second an arms warrior procs bladestorm, or i'm dead faster then i can dish out a single rotation. Especially if he got off a lucky MS strike prior (which crits for insane amounts.) So enough of the QQ plx, were not just another competitive class to deal with, no longer do the relnoob lolret lol comments fly up as we actually have to work to kill us. warriors dish out as much dps, and kill as many peeps. No griping about that, wonder why?

I've often found that with most folks, its not about insane dps, its about control. the classes peeps QQ about the most are the ones that can CONTROL them while they do damage. Rogues don't do insane damage, they just do it while you cant do anything about it. So enough of the DPS QQ, just learn to stay away from us, which if your a ranged class isn't hard to do. unless you weren't paying attention and we snuck up on you with our stealth skills and stunned ya....oh wait...fergot, we can't stealth :P L2p plx.

Its sort of nice, actually. i no longer get automatically ganked by hordies on my PvP server...they usually wait for 2 of their buddies that outlvl me by 10 lvls or so before they gank. cowardice at its best, but thats what you get for playing on a epeen server. Doesn't happen as often as it used to tho :) and i really enjoy being able to actually help out someone who is getting ganked, and be able to turn the tide. ret/prot pally ftw.

Lichborne: Howling Blast and other patch 3.0.8 follies {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 2:05PM And I apologize for the first paragraph..thought i had checked the whole document ;P man, need more coffee this morning :P