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Encrypted Text: Blizzard called and they want their OP back {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 4:22AM cheat death .. fine with me .. Hemo nerf ... completely unnecessary.

the funny thing is with full pvp gear on your AP is so gimped that you find yourself struggling to dps fast enough in critical (dps pressure) arena fights. the nerf doesnt affect raiding rogues as much as they have the option to spec combat and completely avoiding the nerf.

I can keep on QQing but tbh even though i liked having more damage, I didnt feel the effects of the nerf as much as i thought i would. Cheat Death is obviously now rendered kinda useless for anyone without the necessary res. that gave me room to maximize other talents and get a few dps adjustments elsewhere. Wrath also looks very promising for rogues so i am not too worried.


Forum post of the day: Rogues are unhappy {WoW}

Jul 17th 2008 4:40AM Ok Cheat Death I am ok with as a rogue I always felt if ur gonna die might as well not wait the three seconds it was nice to have but hey i do admit rogues have plenty in their bag to cover the loss of one ability and will certainly have more in their bag with wrath coming from what we have seen so far. But seriously Sinister Calling ? are you kidding me. Rogues are supposed to have a high damage output. why nerf that in a tree that already suffers less Damage than others. I dont see Hemo being over powered compared to alot of abilities. Uncalled for imo and completely unecessary nerf. Cheat death again i say good riddance now i can spec those points into something more useful.

Forum post of the day: I need that for my PvP set {WoW}

Jul 17th 2008 4:16AM We had the exact same situation with our druid Tank the trinket from MGT and a mage who needed. it was 4 guildies and one Pug mage and low and behold he rolled and won it. our healer Borai who is a tad mental gave him the scrub speech and after a few lines ill be honest to our surprise the mage said he miss rolled and he thought it was a viable roll and that now that he thinks about it perhaps we were right in saying it was a tanking trinket ( ofcourse it is) in any case the mage petitioned a GM and had the item restored to the tank which in my opnion was a very honorable thing to do. People should always put their reputation on the server above loot. its unfortunate how some think some purple pixels will make them a better person when this mage gained 4 friends just by fixing his mistake and doing the right thing.

Needless to say I now Masterloot the bosses in any pug where its mostly guildies ( usually the case)

Blizzard Authenticator to be introduced at the Worldwide Invitational {WoW}

Jul 1st 2008 7:36AM I am a Guild Leader and had an account mishap a little while ago. My guild and I are still recovering from it and its taken about 5 - 8 weeks now. I hereby endorse this product. I am not a paid Actor I am a consumer just like you. I disagree with the fact that blizzard needs to pay for these I think if you have a requirement to be more secure then you should take the steps to ensure that yourself. they already have a decent authentication system and you and I both know keylogging is not related to the clien t and there is no way for blizz to stop it. in my opnion they provided you with an option they put the effort in to research it and they should be paid for it period.

Season 4 Brutal Gladiator gear guide {WoW}

Jun 26th 2008 4:52AM Gear diminished in quality looks wise since TBC imo but I think it fits the theme of TBC in general as its very spacey etc. Northredn promises to go back to the gothic styling we love and if I was a blizz developer I would be saving major designs for the upcoming expansion not for an S4 that probably wont last long enough. I believe its a good choice. I love it when people forget that Blizzard is a business and a successful one at that. People need some business sense S4 is definitely not the time to release major armor set designs look at what happened with Naxx

Does Blizzard need to put out more content faster? {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2008 4:35AM There is plenty of content imo going around. I am not sure why people take a PVE or PVP centric look at things. S4 is being released now and there is much to play for before Wrath PVP wise. PVE content is usually pummeled very quickly from date of release but lets face it top guilds have completed SWP but its still fresh and people are still having trouble in MGT Heroic atleast. Compared to other MMOs I ve played Blizzard is doing an excellent job of keeping me in there and to be honest focusing on one sub category of the game to judge the progress is somewhat ignorant. OH and by the way every class is a new experience, if you havent played all of them .. reroll! I am seeing things completely differently now on my rogue than my previous 4 characters if not then start PVPing .. its a part that involves human interaction and that always has new experiences to offer. I would rather Blizzard dished out quality content slowly than rubbish every 3 months.



Patch 2.4.3 and having fun again {WoW}

Jun 20th 2008 5:11AM More QQ plz. I am an IT consultant who spends approx 18 hours aday infront of a computer ( work + wow) and I do not want to spend my gaming time tolerating elitest raiders who value their lives by the little purple pixels that their characters wear and just so I dont get the 16 year old elitest crap being blown at me I have raided t1 - t6 content on several characters so I was at one point "Hardcore". I am glad there is content in the game that i can enjoy without having to tolerate 25 people i have nothing in common with but the need for that one elusive epic. No one cares. I currently play ten man only ( in wrath that will be even better) with a group of my RL friends (yes casuals have 10 friends !) I do arenas and BGs and the occasional heroic or new alt. The game is fun again. there are goals to be achieved without raiding and thats nice.

Forum post of the day: If the NBA was like the Arena... {WoW}

Jun 20th 2008 3:57AM This post is full of epic win. I by the way play a center ! but on a serious note I for one welcome a path of progression that does not involve 25 people hitting their head against an NPC that will eventually break sooner or later once the planets align ( and hopefully continue to align until said NPC is "on farm")... sure it needs work but what doesnt? if you want complete balance play chess .. then again white always starts before black .. hmmmm Imbalanced .. I blame Canada .. and ofcourse Druids. Nerf Druids

Guildwatch: Open your face jellyfish {WoW}

Jun 4th 2008 5:32AM On one hand " Open Your Face, Jellyfish!" is simply an awesome and unrefutable internet meme. On the other hand I think crafters should always always charge for their crafts regardless of how small it is. JCs Specifically .. Jesus that stuff is expensive to level ! Open you face, Jellyfish and pay the man ! OH teh Noes I am doing it !

Breakfast Topic: Do you pay attention to 25-man progression? {WoW}

May 28th 2008 11:05AM I think hard 10 man progression is where its at. I am tired of carrying people i dont even know and dont care to know or fighting for loot that goes to an AFK pally at the end. 10 man is where the skill really shows .. they can tune it to a point where a team can benefit from being a tightly knit group. I am currently trying to get all my IRL friends together with some of my previous guild members etc to make a 10 man team fo WOTLK. people seem to forget this is a game we are here to play and enjoy .. in my guild you dont get yelled at if you wipe the group .. hell if you do it creatively everyone will laugh with you. this elitest attitude people seem to have just because they have some purple pixels in their bags really upsets my murlocs. therefore the answer is no i do not follow 25 man content there is no point when i think of a game where i can socialise with my friends as well as progress i dont think of 25 friends .. if you had a party at your home would you rather 25 people you barely know or 10 of your best friends. Think about it