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Forum post of the day: Honor, glory, and coercion {WoW}

Sep 29th 2008 11:29AM I fought last night a priest/enhancement shamy 2v2 team which was at 1700+ rating. With 1700 you can buy all but weapons/shoulders, and based on the fact that we have won purely by accident i am sure they have risen in rating since then. So, you can invest time and efort and get what you want or you can do nothing. It's up to you.

Breakfast Topic: New Wrath talents {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 5:21AM As a pvp warrior i will role a Death Knight or Warlock and never look back.

Are we the bad guys of Azeroth? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2008 9:19AM Most of the comments in favor of ganking/greifing come from brave little rogues. Get over yourself, killing someone who is fighting a mob / or is more then 10 levels bellow yous is nothing heroic, nor is it PvP.
Try to do that on your other characters who cannot stealth away after your great acomplishments and then bragg about it.

We meet again, Alterac {WoW}

Apr 1st 2008 7:57AM With the current rules (limited number of reinforcements) the Alliance has a chance of winning only if the horde allows it. The reson for this is that you cannot force IB chokepoint, the reinforcement mechanics of the game does not permit it. The horde resurect 30 seconds away from the chokepoint, the alliance resurect at Snowfall in the best case and all it takes to prevent capping the cemetery cap is a tapping the ones who try to capture it.
Add to this the fact that IB tower is completing the chokepoint, the fact that Galv and 5 horde wipe 30 alliance and it's a foregone conclusion.

The fact that prepatch 2.4 there were some alliance wins is due to the fact that the horde played smart and went for greater honor/hour gains by using the rush strategy.

If any horde tries to play cute and say that we could defend also at Balinda /towers/cemetery please refrein, that is bullshit and you know it. The area is too wide and has to many acces points / attack objectives to be defended. We tried that and it does not have a chance of working.

Post 2.4 patch the horde are starting further back, which means they willl not arrive at Balinda at the same time as us, so there is a greater chance for a turtle at IBGY. This "balance" that Blizzard brings to AV is incredibly stupid.

I am aware that horde wins more then alliance in the rest of bg's and probably would win more then alliance in AV even if the map was ballanced but the current rules/map are a forgone conclusion.

And yes, what every trolling horde was preparing to say: "we wined for 2 years that AV was imbalanced but we endured with pride staying in the Cavern of Peace and leaving with 400 honor points, why can't you come to AV and fight for 1 hour and die at IB tower 100 times and leave with 0 honor points ? Huh??? I think it's only fair".