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Spiritual Guidance: Healing heroic Cataclysm dungeons as a priest {WoW}

Nov 7th 2010 10:07PM I'm really, really, really not crazy about Archangel ... is this just me? I hate dpsing, absolutely hate it, and even just sending off a few smites for mana leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not interested in pewpew. That's not why I play a priest. I like being a healer, I like my 2.1 dps at the end of a dungeon when some DPS spams the metres proudly. I don't know. This whole direction really bums me out ...

Does anyone else agree :/? It's just ... not fun.

Cataclysm Beta: Female worgen dance video {WoW}

Oct 28th 2010 6:12PM Bunch of whiners.

I love GaGa, I love this dance, and I love it on female worgen. It's fun, high energy, deliciously over the top, and she looks a little bit wild and a little bit foolish while doing it. Stefani Germanotta would be proud.

For the record, I love the male worgen dance too, I'll be super sad if Blizz caves to pressure and changes it. And I was gunning for Single Ladies for the goblin girls since moment one.

Clearly I'm just too pop culture saturated, even though my iTunes is mostly classical and world music.

Just saying -- SOME people like GaGa, SOME people like this dance, and SOME of those people are actually intelligent and well spoken human beings. The is no universal good or bad, and the people going "ahem let me quote a 40 year old or super obscure band to show how not mainstream I am," are no better than the Little Monsters.

I also enjoy how Michael Jackon's moves are considered tasteful solely because they're 30 years old, and the choice for that dance on an ageless, wise, druidic race isn't pulled into question. Double standards are fun.

Breakfast Topic: Suffer mortals, as your pathetic eardrums betray you {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2010 4:28PM Whoa, what's with all the Deathwhisper hate?

I absolutely adore Lady Deathwhisper, everything about her. Throughout my entire Warcraft experience, the Cult of the Damned have always baffled me. I'm sitting here thinking "Seriously? Who the hell reads this mission statement and goes SIGN ME UP! There's no reason for it! It doesn't make sense!" But then I heard their glorious leader say two words and I completely got it.

She's pure well-spoken charisma, guys! She's the femme Hitler of Azeroth. When she talks, I want to believe every word she says, no matter how obviously insane it is. For the first time I beleive that thousands of humans could be brought into this cult and get brainwashed. It's all Lady D and her public speaking.

Also, I just can't help but like that there's ONE female character in this game who is a charismatic leader and isn't defined by either her romances or her waistline. And that may be why men complaining about her gets on my nerves. It always comes across as "Hah! Silly bitch thinks anyone wants to hear what she has to say. Someone give her something to keep that loud mouth busy."

Breakfast Topic: Reading rainbow {WoW}

Mar 4th 2010 11:11AM Knaak sure is living the dream. I mean, I sure wish that *I* got paid fat cash to write terrible Mary Sue fanfiction for my favourite franchise, and then have fanboys defend my dreck over the internet.

WoW Intervention {WoW}

Feb 11th 2009 9:21AM Win reference.

Breakfast Topic: What's in a name? {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 8:45AM I name my wow characters after characters from books I've read or characters they I've written in other stories. Perhaps lazy and derivative, but better than lolpwnz.

Also, my boyfriend has an orc alt named Durotard which is pretty awesome imo.

Breakfast Topic: Identity Crisis {WoW}

Jan 12th 2009 11:06AM I rerolled recently myself, prot paladin from balance druid.

I don't know, I miss some things about my druid sometimes, mainly hots and herbing in flight form, but I find my paladin a LOT more fun to play, and it's great always being able to get groups, especially since my best friend rerolled holy priest from frost mage with me. Whenever we want to run something it takes 2 minutes to get a group together and then we just go.

I haven't had any problems with naming, though. The people I play with are all people I know from other areas of my life, so while my druid was named Kelita and my paladin is named Hasten, they all just call me Rosa anyways.

Oracles or the Frenzyheart, which did you choose? {WoW}

Jan 10th 2009 6:10AM I went for the Frenzyhearts because they fucking crack me up :')

I mean there's a quest to poke baby gorillas until their mother gets pissed, and then you kill her in front of them while the Wolvar dude laughs.

It's so utterly ridiculous it's comical and I can't even take their cruelty seriously. It barrels over the line of digust and boomerangs back to adorable.

Breakfast Topic: What you call home {WoW}

Jan 5th 2009 8:33AM I'm all about Dalaran, now. I could never stomach Shat, but Dal is pretty, interesting, well designed, and I just like being in it.

But the place where my bank alts rest their butts and the place I'll go when I'm levelling a character is always, always Stormwind for Alliance and Silvermoon City for Horde. Partially, it's because I love the architecture, and partially, it's because I dislike the crowded capitals, but mostly, it's because the humans and blood elves are my favourite races lore-wise and I like being surrounded by their emoted culture and atmosphere.

Also, I like how the AH and Bank in SMC are so close together it seems like cheating, and that AH doesn't even dismount you. /kiss

Spiritual Guidance: 4 different ways to diagnose your healer {WoW}

Jan 5th 2009 7:21AM I played pure DPS for three years. I raided up to t5 content, I did all right in metres, I know what I'm talking about. (Moonkin druid.)

Now I play a tank, and have done so for about four months. (Prot paladin.)

There are NO WORDS for how much different and harder (and more fun and more rewarding) the game is when you're tanking. I can't see how anyone could argue that it's NOT the DPS's own fault if they're dying. I played DPS, I still love my druid, I know what I'm talking about.

For one thing, aoe dps from moment one just pisses me off. You're putting a much higher burden on your tank AND healer. My favourite dps are the ones who focus fire the skull and then aoe the rest once it's down. By that point, my threat is reliably built on all mobs so there's no risk.

But the second a guy breaks off and comes for you, it IS your own fault. There is no tank that isn't going to be doing his 100% to keep those guys off of you. We don't want to wipe anymore than you do. When omen warns you that your threat is high, you need to break off aoe, find the target the tank has the highest threat on, and start focus firing for a bit.

Playing a good DPS is NOT just about topping the damage metres, it's also about knowing when to taper your damage off for a moment. If less DPS played so competitively, more would realize that.

It's not fair to ask the tank to babysit a party member who is fairy expendable compared to himself and the healer. Taunt has a cooldown and pulls can still be tricky. If a pull gets fumbled and member of the elite dragonsquad breaks away from me and heads for a mage, I'm NOT going to waste my taunt on his ass when my healer could need it at any second. I've wiped to that before.

So yeah. The point of the saying isn't "it's always the fault of the dps if there's a wipe." The point of the saying is that the tank is busy taking care of the healer and the healer is busy taking care of the tank, and they're the only people an encounter CAN'T be won without. The DPS only have to worry about themselves. Unless their tank is clinically stupid (and even then, at times), all they need to do to avoid dying is watch omen and be cautious.

TRUST me when I promise that standing in the back and mashing 2222 is a comparitively easy job. It's fun and I enjoyed doing it for the three years I did so, but there's zero pressure and very simple in practice (if not in theory.) Asking you to do one more thing really isn't asking too much.