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Cataclysm raid progression refinements {WoW}

Apr 26th 2010 2:00PM Very mixed emotions about this! On the one hand, "same loot" is awesome, awesome news -- I raid with a 10-man group whose members are spread out over several guilds. Sometimes I've felt like a kid staring through a store window at the amazing 25-man BIS loot I'd have a slim chance to get. And I agree with the previous posters -- I strongly believe that 10-man content is harder than 25-man -- this is a much-deserved change. There's simply much less room for error; if someone's having an off night, it really shows.

On the other hand, this effectively ends my subbing career, and I'm sure it will mess with other folks as well. :/ I have one 25-man I sub with on a regular basis (I'm basically an alt for them now) and have gone in with several others. I'm not a regular with them because they start raiding at midnight on weekend nights -- I step in if they need me and I'm home, I'm out or getting some sleep otherwise. :) But my loyalty is to my 10-mans -- since I'll now need to choose, there goes my 25-mans. Many folks will need to make that choice...not everyone raids with the same group or the same guild for 10s and 25s.

I'm hoping Blizz makes the system a weeee bit more flexible before Caty comes out, so I can keep doing both...

Drama Mamas: Overpulling your love life {WoW}

Mar 30th 2010 12:42PM My dear,

You also owe it to yourself to get out of what sounds like an incredibly bad relationship. I've had to do it. My husband has had to do it. It's difficult, but in the end, will be so much more rewarding for you...

Drama Mamas: Overpulling your love life {WoW}

Mar 26th 2010 1:45PM Lordy, but you've got some choices to be making...

You talk about how good your RL relationship would be if not for external circumstances. So...what are you doing to overcome those circumstances? Because here is a news flash: external circumstances will affect EVERY relationship you have. Unless you're independently wealthy and are living in a castle with a staff of hundreds, you're still going to deal with paying the bills, having a job, doing laundry, etc., no matter who you're with. So are you letting those circumstances sabotage your RL relationship? Have you spent any time romancing your girl lately, and bringing the spark back, or have you been escaping your situation and playing WoW constantly to be with your Azerothian soulmate? Could it even be that your RL girl is "bugging, scolding, and annoying" you to simply spend some time with her?

As for the flip side -- I invite you to attach the words " Azeroth" to every statement you make about your guildie. For example: "I can tell she is my perfect Azeroth." "She is beautiful, charming, funny, Azeroth." "...and never bugs, scolds or annoys me...IN AZEROTH." And all of this takes place in Azeroth...because as near as I can tell, you haven't met her in RL. Of course she's all of these things...because in Azeroth, she can be whoever you want her to be. You don't have to worry about her socks on the floor, morning breath, annoying giggle, or whether she slurps her soup. You've never even seen her have a bad hair day, or a bad day at work...all of the RL things that happen in RL relationships.

So, choices: If you're going to stay with RL girlfriend, then make a conscious decision to do so -- don't drift, don't do it by default. Go romance your girl. And tell your guildie you're taken.

If you're not going to stay with RL girlfriend, then make a conscious decision to do so. Tell RL girlfriend it's over. Move on.

And if you're going to go after your guildie in a romantic fashion for real, ONLY do so after you're free of other entanglements. And go in with NO expectations...because inevitably, she won't be who you have her down for in your mind. She could be worse...she could be better. :)

Good luck!

WoW Moviewatch: Still Alive -- JoCo version {WoW}

Jan 27th 2010 12:50PM Excuse me -- the Cake is NOT a lie! :D I'm real, I am!

Breakfast Topic: In-Jokes {WoW}

Jan 25th 2010 1:43PM My raid group on Feathermoon is made of folks from several small guilds. It's been around for years. We have more in-jokes than you can shake a stick at. :D Here's two classics...

We're in OS, about to do Sarth. We're chowing down, buffing up, getting ourselves ready to do the pull, when someone throws Baby Spice on our 'lock. Tiny lock now decided to do a "come and get me" dance in front of Sarth...because, since he's Baby Spiced, his aggro radius is much smaller, right? >.< Not only did the raid completely wipe, but it took us about ten minutes to get ourselves back together 'cause we were laughing THAT HARD.

One thing I've never lived down was when I first started with this group - we were doing Kara, and one of our tanks forgot something. I was trying to be all helpful, so I offered -- nay, INSISTED -- on giving him a port to IF on my mage... Only to teleport myself there instead. : headdesk : To this day they get nervous when I open up a portal...

Other classics are "gnomish sacrifice!," "That wasn't a face-pull, it was an @ss-pull" (melee dps getting behind and accidentally pulling), "Of course we wiped. The druids don't have water-breathing," gnomish chicken, and extolling the virtues of Pally Power!

Raid Blue, I love ya!

Shifting Perspectives: The disappearance of the bear {WoW}

Oct 21st 2009 1:52PM I started bear tanking for Kara back in BC, when my guild was having a tank shortage. Right now, I'm OT for an Ulduar-10 raid group. It's fun, but challenging...

I think the biggest thing for me is gearing. There was such a push to un-itemize bear and cat gear that not only do I get confused on what to work with from time to time, but the rest of my raid ALSO gets confused. I've heard "Why are you rolling need on that for main (tank) spec?" on more than one occasion, both in raid and PUGs -- there are folks who still don't realize that feral tank/dps leather gear is just about one and the same right now. And I can't blame them, since everything's STILL being adjusted on druids, even one year after the Wrath release. While I appreciate the bag space, I'd love to see items with more armor come back -- something just for bear tanks! -- rather than grabbing gear from my fellow critty kitty.

And I agree with my fellow posters -- bear tanks are missing the Thing of Awesome that made folks WANT a bear in their raid. I miss my armor. SD is nice, but it's a proc, and it needs crit. Armor was armor pretty much all the time. We need more specialness.

So....what's the plan? This piece laments the disappearance of bears, but what are we doing to do about it? How do we educate folks and prove that bears are furry flying paws of glory? We can post (politely, folks, politely) on forums...we can post in blogs...Allison has posted here (yay!)...but do we want to do more? Should we start sending Ghostcrawler teddy bears? :D Start racking up numbers in Elitist Jerks? What do we do?

The curious case of Ferarro {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2009 1:07PM And the Google cache.

The cache I found, though, shows it as a YouTube video. It may have been linked elsewhere earlier. I still agree with you - the timing is very, very, VERY coincidental.

I actually addressed both of your points in a comment I posted on Sarah's blog earlier today, which has yet to appear. Now, mind, it's *her* blog, and she totally has the right to approve my comment or not -- so maybe she just doesn't want to post what I wrote, or hasn't gotten to it, or 100,000 other reasons. :) She has a day job, after all.

But I did ask her if she wasn't bothered by all of this -- at least a tiny bit?!! -- especially since Ferraro is apparently someone she's friended (on Myspace, Facebook, etc.) from way back. I mean, if someone from my friends list pulled this -- and has been doing it for years! -- it sure as hell would bother me... I'd be locking things down left and right.

And I also asked her how Ferraro would have gotten the original, unedited video to begin with (I hadn't realized it was on YouTube). But why would she post something unfinished to YouTube to start with?

On the one hand, I really want to believe that Sarah got thefted and is making a true attempt to distance herself. Maybe her seeming unconcern is simply bravado -- we have no way to know. We also have no way to know if she's taken other measures to protect herself -- why would she discuss that publically?

On the other hand, the timing of the video posts and that same unconcern just doesn't ring true to me. "It's OK that you used my face and parts of my life for your own gain -- just keep blogging, babeh," seems a little *too* calm.

Maintenance continues to be extended, no time frame given {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 5:29PM This! They knew how big the patch was, they knew how massive this would be, and they know how much the servers are going to get nailed when everyone comes on at once...

Yet every time there's a major content patch they promise a teensy amount of downtime which never, ever , EVER is the case. They need to stop minimizing their downtime and be real about it. There would be less QQ from players, less pressure on themselves, and everyone would be happy.

If Blizz told me there'd be a 12-hour downtime for a major patch, but that it would WORK at the end of that time, that would be damned reasonable to me...

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 12th 2008 12:29PM "OK, kitties, I'm sorry I lost the can opener. Kitties...? KITTIES?...."

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 12th 2008 12:28PM "Look, Vern: LUNCH!"