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Are we the bad guys of Azeroth? {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2008 3:41PM Yes please be a jerk! Please gank as many lowbies as possible! While I do agree that being a gear'd 70 and killing 20 somethings doesn't require any skill here are some reasons to continue to do it.

1. Ganking is a rite of passage. On a pvp server your level grind is always going to be interrupted by bastards higher than you that gank you for no reason. You learn to become better for it. Learning flight skills to get away or ways to quest in less traffic areas. This is a hazing ritual that needs to be passed down to our younger lvling counterparts.

2. Ganking CREATES world pvp. This is the biggest reason to continue to gank lowbies. With BG rewards being such strong motivators virtually nobody world pvps anymore. Corpse camping those 3 level 24s is the only way to start shit. Eventually higher levels come to aid those being ganked/corpse camped. And when those higher levels come and kill you then you need to call in more higher levels and it just escalates, that has ALWAYS been the awesomeness of WoW PVP.