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Rogues rejoice at their lack of cleavage! {WoW}

Feb 26th 2007 9:51AM @16.. BS.
There is NO freakin way to avoid AoE Cleaves.
They don't have any cast animation, they are NOT cast. They just occur randomly and INSTANT.
So there is no freakin way to get out of those cleaves before getting hit. And yay. If a cleave hits you for 4k damage after 5 seconds on a Mob you either die instantly due to a crit or you get out and need a pretty long break to get back to full HP with bandages and stuff. You DPS Drops in that break totally, your healer gets in trouble because the fight takes longer, your healer may also choose to heal you back to full, and that will also get him into trouble with mana and timing on the tank.

And what do you mean by "There class isn't designed to live long, thats a risk you take as a rogue.".
Have you ever heard yourself talking?
We take risks already by staying in melee range, having to move around all the time while the tanks struggles to keep aggro. We are exposed to ALL AoE Damage originated from the Mobs.
But we are there for ONE reason: DPS.
And if we die on every pull while having hardly done anything there WE ARE FREAKIN MISPLACED THERE.
There is no possible way how you could explain your Group leader WHY IN THE HELL HE BROUGHT YOU!. You didn't contribute. Zero. You were just out there to die and pay your repair bill. But besides causing trouble you didn't do anything.

So please explain to me what do you want a rogue to do in an Heroic Instance when not being able to approach a mob?

Breakfast Topic: Best class to solo with? {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2007 9:19AM Having played both Hunter, Warlock, Druid and Rogue I really can say that the hunter is the best option for Soloing.

It gets a bit too mindless on a Hunter (Pet -> Autoshot -> Loot) but you have absolutely no downtime due to the fact that you can DPS without mana and your pet does anything for you.

The Warlock still has the disadvantage that he is mana dependand. There is no possible way to keep up a good killspeed without drinking now and then. Still he is really good when it comes to soloing things others usually can't. You can bring anything down, but you will be drinking every 5-20 mobs depending on spec.

Feral Druid really kicks ass with catform killing and switching for heals to Humanoid. But imo the Druid gets far too mutch damage as a cat compared to a rogue, so although you don't have any "real" downtimes, I still find myself switching out of cat every 3-4 mobs to heal myself. + that 10 seconds you need to wait for your Energy to back up to 100 I think it kinda slows you down.

Combat rogues are fast to level .. but you should carry bandages with you. You can take down almost anything and your survivabilty is pretty high with Vanish und Evasion etc. Still you need that one bandage every 5 mobs.

Imo the most entertaining solo class is either Druid or Warlock. Hunter is just too botlike. I always had that feeling like my brain would slowly fade out of existance while I was killing like 100 mobs without even thinking about a break to regenerate mana/hp.

Roguetastic: Imp Sap and being useful {WoW}

Feb 8th 2007 5:07AM I have never had a problem getting invited to a Group with my Rogue.
I guess it's because I tend to do only Guild runs with ppl I know quite well and who know that I can put my rogue to good use.

And, mainly because Rogues still do the most crazy DPS in the game while being near to the tank and having a complete Aggro Dump.

Also you can always count of stuns and kicks that will definately save your ass (ever had aggro on the healer and a rogue vanishing + Cheap Shotting + Kidney Shot the mob to uselessness?).

Being a rogue isn't easy, you really need to be into quick movement and always be ontop of the game.

Oh, and did I mention that I hate tempest keep?
I guess I've never been to a more Melee-unfriendly instance than that.
All those mechanical monsters in there that are completely immune to Poisons (did I mention that I'm Mutilate specced?), those AoE encounters (Man I hate that Mine-dropping Boss in Mechanaar), those chain-lightning sentinels in Arkatraz.. etc..
That's the only Instance I really feel useless.

Hey! You've got your Azeroth in my Outland! {WoW}

Jan 26th 2007 12:18PM Oh, and did I mention that Kel'Thuzad walks around Southshore as a Human in Old Hillsbrad?
Also, Nat Pagle stands at the Docks and does some fishing :)

Hey! You've got your Azeroth in my Outland! {WoW}

Jan 26th 2007 12:16PM For shure you haven't checked out Caverns of Time yet!

God it's awesome.
Do you remember one of the very first Westfall quests?
"Poor old Blanchy"? And besides the questgiver there is a grey horse called "Old Blanchy"..
Guess what, in Old Hillsbrad where you have to Free Thrall you will find "Young Blanchy" in the Stables at Tarrens Mill.

Having read the Book on Thrall's Escape I just had to love that Old Hillsbrad Instance. It's just magnificent.

And protecting Medhivh from the Dragons while he opens the Dark Portal is just great.
Too sad me and my group are only 68 so we had no chance to stand that invasion of Dragons and protect Medivh.
We somehow managed to close 4 Portals, but then it became just too mutch and we drew back so they could kill Medivh and let the mobs despawn.
It was awesome!

Confessions of an Outland clown... {WoW}

Jan 26th 2007 10:56AM Yea, I see that quest rewards and leveling gear has no good skins. Looks pretty terrible all together. My rogue looks pretty patchwork currently.

I would love to see an explanation what Blizz did to their Designers.
Did they all put them on crack und LSD to get new looks for our Sets?
Look at T2.5, T3, look at T4.
Its getting worse.
Ever seen a rogue displaying his T2.5 cap? I haven't, it's just so damn ugly. Same for some other classes, although you get used to it, there is no way in hell to call this set "beautiful"!

T3.. ever looked at the Rogue variant? It sucks!. Compared to that great red T2 with smoking shoulders T3 really reminds me of a repainted Nightslayer with different shoulders. There is nothing remarkable about that set, there are no real special ornaments or anything else on the textures. It's just gray/green and looks kinda dumb on most ppl (especially that Mouth replacement).

Ok.. now let's get to somewhere where the difference is really obvious.

Did you see a Pala in T2 and one in T3?
They had come up with this GREAT inquisition style robe wearing Priest/Warrior mix. It looked terribly good, felt good, really .. that set just kicked. All those ornaments, crosses, sword lay-ins. Everything. That set got love guys.
What's T2.5? A recolored Warrior T2.5 (looking bad as always).
What's T3?
A gray plate set with a little pink glow to it and stupid Viking Shoulders? Hey.. did I miss something in Lore class? Since when did Palas decend from Viking Warriors?

Hey.. where did Blizz put their Designers?
Look at all those sets, It just seems like they know how to do one or two (Warriors are always good looking), the looks just dumb.

That new Rogue T4? omg.. those shoulders just look really terrible on my NE, and that Skull Headpiece really makes my beloved NE Rogue look like a Orc.
Oh, and did I say that I miss ornaments and structure on the Textures? They are monotone!

The best class to lead a raid ... {WoW}

Jan 26th 2007 10:08AM I think the best are either warlocks or Rogues.
Both classes I play.
I participated as a Priest and switched to my Rogue/Warlock.

You need a class that has nothing to do.
Rogues run around and hit 2 buttons in a Raid. I guess running around is something natural to you. And you have time to overlook everything.
Warlocks do the same, mostly without running around.

Giving a MT that hacks 5+ keys every second the lead will end up either in bad tanking or in bad lead.
Giving a healer that has to keep 40 ppl alive / manage his mana and decurse .. there isn't really anything you're able to see through your Raidframes.

Breakfast Topic: The rush to 70 {WoW}

Jan 26th 2007 9:59AM Heck, what server do you play on?
We have currently 200 lvl 70 players.
The first one dinged 70 on friday after release (one of my guildmates).

Currently my whole guild is at lvl 67-69 except for 4 70s.
And yes, I love questing, but I will always do it as fast as possible. I prefer to run the instances on my level over going around solo to do the quests.

GameDaily gets a copy of the Collector's Edition {WoW}

Jan 16th 2007 4:13AM Yes.. they sell the CE here in Austria for 89€ per copy. That's way above limits, totally insane!
The Retail CE did only cost 70€.

greetings Tigraine

Raiding and the consumables dilemma {WoW}

Dec 27th 2006 5:25AM @#2

Some Encounters in Naxxramas are almost undoable without Consumeables and Buffs.
Take Patchwork for instance, without properly flasking your Tanks you have no way doing this (if you haven't cleared all the other wings yet).
Loatheb costs 150 Shadow Resist Pots per try. If you really hand out that many consumeables to your raid you don't want to wipe because of a lack of DPS. Yes, you'll buff up. Burning 600 SR Pots per day isn't worth it.

Consumeables give you really the edge.
I can only speak for my rogue. Buffing him takes my stats way off limits.
Mongoose, Sharpening Stones, Giants and Squid boost me(with raid buffs) from around 30% crit to 44% crit. My AP goes from 1k to 1.7k (with Battle shout and Aura).
Well, there is definately a difference between 37% crit and 44, don't you think?
Same for Wizard oil and Arcane elixirs and Shadow Might on my warlock. Increase is at almost 100+ spelldmg.

Thats mutch to farm, but it definately buffs my character really hard.