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Breakfast Topic: A wipe to remember {WoW}

Dec 21st 2006 9:42AM Best wipe ever:

We had just finished off Razorgore (for the first time) a long time ago and made ourselfs ready for Vaelastraz.
I explained tactics and stuff we went into position and aggroed Vael.

3 seconds later we all where dead. Our MT died instantly Vael breathed into the whole ZERG so nobody was standing in the end.

It was just like .. "WTF!!" .. how can we do this if we don't even survive 3 secs..

but then we downed him a week later and everything was ok.. but that first try was really awesome.

Better Know an Interface Element: The minimap {WoW}

Dec 15th 2006 4:15AM I agree to #1,#2 ..
Anyone reading this Blog here is probably already deep into Addons and UI Modifications, having seen so many addon spotlights that it doesn't makes sense to talk about the default UI.

The Default UI is so damn simple to understand, I played since closed beta and had never troubles with the interface. I guess making a good howto on Discord would make a lot more sense than this.

move on.. we don't expect 100 posts per day here, we expect something interesting.

Rogue weapon specs: mace rogue = PvP server? {WoW}

Dec 5th 2006 4:34AM Oh.. and btw..

Gratz on your first Post on WoWInsider Eliah ;)
That Surname sounds German?

Rogue weapon specs: mace rogue = PvP server? {WoW}

Dec 5th 2006 4:27AM Some corrections to the Post.

Daggers tend to be somehow fast weapons, but they would be still suited for Sinister Strike wouldn't there be that multiplier issue.
blizzard patched a year ago all Instant Melee Attacks to a fixed multiplier, Daggers only recieve a 1.7 Multiplier (Normalized Attackspeed, all Daggers have 1.7 Attackspeed when doing instants) while Swords and Maces recieve 2.4 Multipliers.
That's why it sucks to do sinister strike with Daggers!

One thing about PvP.
If you're out there to do PvP, there is no chance in Hell you get around Daggers if you're seriously into killing anything.
If you just want to do some stunlocks to let enemies be finished by allies youre into swords, but that lack of Burst Damage you face there will really get you into trouble when you are fighting alone.

For leveling Combat seems best, but you will have to get along without PvP, Swords and Maces just suck in PvP (as long as you don't have great Swords).

The Mace stun isn't that predictable that it will ever help you seriously on PvP combat, although it will make your life against mobs a bit more comfortable.

Still, Maces do suck big time. Get yourself good Swords or Maces to do the grinding, the increase on White Damage always makes up for that really bad Stun you recieve from Maces.

Once you get used to all that running and timing when doing Daggers you may also get along quite well while Grinding Mobs with Backstab/Stun Combos. Although I would never spec Combat for that playstyle. Seal Fate is imo a real must to any dagger rogue who is into fast killing.

Oh, and btw.. Yes .. You may have guessed, I'm playing a Rogue for 2 Years now and had to make that decision before.

Breakfast Topic: The season of giving {WoW}

Dec 4th 2006 10:55AM Hell, I am so happy nobody is expecting a xmas gift from me in WoW.
Christmas sucks already in Reallife, I don't need that race for gifts in WoW too.

Breakfast Topic: So You Want To Be a Guildleader? {WoW}

Nov 28th 2006 8:17AM Maybe some people equal Guild with Raid.
I don't.
As Leader of a Raid-Alliance (Containing numerous Guilds and Individuals) I know it can be a major Headache.
At the contrast, Guild Leadership is a piece of cake because all those loot discussions and stuff take place outside the Guild in the Raid.
Ok, sometimes it can be a pain in the ass when ppl start hating each other. But because of most of our Guild Members are playing together since Release and are above the age of 20 problems get sorted out quite smoothly.

And.. yes .. That system makes the life of the raidleader a whole lot complicated. Guild A complains about Guild B for being greedy, being not ontop of the game sometimes etc, etc.
Yes.. life's complicated. But when there is a new boss to kill most ppl pull themselves together and when he goes down you always have that great feeling that you managed to get that bunch of individualists and idiots together to form a Team.
I love it .. for christs sake.. I should attend a doc.

World of Wiicraft? {WoW}

Nov 24th 2006 9:16AM I would love to see WoW brought to a new level, but not by using pre-made consoles like Wii..

I would suggest something like a new generation of Human Interface devices on PC.
I mean, I don't really need Virtual Reality. I would just love to have that Screen replaced by some Screen-glasses.
Yea, I don't want mutch, just a bit more of that "in the world" feeling.
If they could also add in viewport changes through Head movements I would be fully happy. That would really give the game a new perspective, being a character in game. And it also wouldn't tire you after hours of playing. I mean, you still sit and type and stuff, but at the same time feel more "in the world".
And I can't really understand why they dont research that new perspective.

What also would be a great addition imho would be a glove like they created for Black and White.
Being able to move my ingame-characters right hand with my real hand would really kick ass. Making gestures to show my teammates something etc.
Something like that..but I guess the glasses would be the best.

Breakfast Topic: Patching! {WoW}

Nov 24th 2006 8:58AM I love the downloader.
I get download rates I normally would need to pay for (Fileplanet) above the 300k and have never had any problem downloading.

greetings Tig

Breakfast Topic: New PvP system bringing you down? {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2006 10:49AM I also think, the change was really necessary.
The Honor grind was just too mutch, and as much as I loved to have those High Warlord Weapons, I never saw a way to obtain them without quitting my job and breaking up with my girlfriend.
Now, things have changed and bit by bit I'll come close to my weapons.

greetings Tigraine

Breakfast Topic: New PvP system bringing you down? {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2006 10:27AM @1...
I guess you missed something.
The new system isn't in place now.