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Are we the bad guys of Azeroth? {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2008 3:00AM On my server, Tichondrius I play Alliance with a number of alts I've levelled up there. There are places where there is -always- ganking going on from the Horde side, in one of two ways:

Either 70s wandering around looking for lowbies to gank, or a 70 escorting a lowbie and doing all the work for them, while killing any Alliance that comes near them.

Now, I -love- playing a PvP server. Knowing someone could come fight you at any moment, with a chance to fight back, makes playing so much more exciting than on a PvE server. But to be killed over and over again for no reason by a 70 who is bored is bullshit. And the reason, 'It brings out other 70s to properly PvP with' is bullshit too, because in every instance I've seen Alliance 70s coming out to help, the gankers have all scattered until the Alliance guys leave.

Once, my first character was in Badlands farming Elemental Earths for money to get his mount, and was ganked by 50-60s riding past so much that for months afterwards whenever I heard the dismount sound I got a chill RL, because while in Badlands hearing that meant I was just about to be ganked. But of course it's stupid to think that there aren't asshats on the internet who'd get a kick out of causing that for someone. :P