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Updated: On the first day of giveaways, Turbine gave to me... {Massively}

Dec 13th 2010 12:50PM LOTRO. I love the quest, titles and little knick-knacks, and costume pieces that each holiday event has.

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day nine loot code giveaway {WoW}

Dec 25th 2009 9:09AM Very Nice! And Merry Christmas to everyone!

LotRO two-year anniversary giveaway: Mines of Moria Collector's Edition {Massively}

Apr 24th 2009 8:25AM I wants it.

I needs it.

The Ring, my precious.

Anti-Aliased: Why leveling content is more important than endgame pt. 2 {Massively}

Jan 8th 2009 4:20PM I always thought that the reason why people hate to level in WoW is specifically because they go through the same quests, again and again. This is true after level 30 and becomes painfully obvious in the mid 40's on, as almost every quest is the same regardless if you play Horde or Alliance. This even carries on, to an extent, in Outland.

Why people don't want Blizzard to add new quests, revamp old content like Silithus or EPL and the like is beyond me. It's not like it would really hurt their bottom line to add a few more programmers and developers to add new content to the leveling game.

Massively Speaking Podcast Episode 38 {Massively}

Jan 7th 2009 9:26PM I'm not entirely sure, but I think the comments about RIM where a bit off. I'm pretty sure what happened was that RIM was sued for patent infringement by an American company that was basically a "Patent Holding House", or a company that does nothing but buy and hold patents in order to 'extort' money from other companies.

Long story, short: RIM did settle with the American company out of court, rather than face its Blackberry service shutting down in the U.S.. So this kind of stuff does work.

Behind the Curtain: More apocalypse please pt. 2 {Massively}

Nov 9th 2008 12:02PM The big problem I had with the Zombie event was, at level 25-ish, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't cure the guards in any of the cities I was questing in, or fight any of the zombies.

I agree that it was a great event, but the Devs at Blizzard really need to look at City of Heroes on how to pull off a server-wide event that gets everyone involved. Their alien invasion events are the best I've ever seen and all levels can participate, or not.

Buyer beware in the Auction House {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2008 7:29AM While I agree with most of the comments here, I think there is one important type of AH 'scam' that people are forgetting about: putting vendorable recipes/schematics/patterns on the AH at highly inflated prices.

In my opinion, this should be blocked by Blizzard, as most of these items are not dropped by mobs, and therefore only have 1 source of where to get them. If a player decides to buy that item by camping the vendor, he/she is artificially manipulating the 'market' for their own personal gain.

I cannot understand Blizzard's thought process on this particular issue. They hold our collective hands throughtout the gaming process, but allow these types of scams, which can hurt the gaming experience just as much as anything.

Oh yeah, and in RL this type of 'market manipulation' would be illegal. It's called profiteering.