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The Queue: I fail at chess {WoW}

Jan 10th 2012 12:54PM Human druids and shamans would work I think. Humans have a wide variety of cultures and could learn druidism and shamanism I think. That being said, I don't play alliance. For horde, undead probably wouldn't make sense for either of them, since being undead kind of violates nature so I doubt nature would grant undead its power.

I don't think orc druids would be too far of a stretch, since they already have shamans. I could see a faction arise opposing all of Garrosh's tree cutting. Plus trolls and tauren already have both druids and shamans, and orcs have spent enough time around them to pick up the practice. Since druids deal with arcane and nature damage, maybe the blood elves could somehow discover druidism through the Sunwell ("sun" being the key word). They already have the Light, so since the connection was made by tauren from druidism to becoming paladins, why not the opposite for blood elves?

The Queue: Post-Winter Veil recovery {WoW}

Dec 26th 2011 3:13PM @Rovingbandit21

I am a JC so I can get my own red gems. That's not the issue. The issue is that all the other gems are almost worthless in comparison. You make a lot of assumptions about blizzard. I am not an expert at coding, but I do not see how it would take any time whatsoever to change the stats on all old gems. After all, they did a complete gear stat overhaul for Cataclysm, so what's a few gems?

I do agree that the epic gem drop rate should be higher. Perhaps they could drop in the raid finder or give JCs some way of actually getting them besides normal or heroic raids. Let us have a rare chance of prospecting them or getting them from fire prisms.

The Queue: Post-Winter Veil recovery {WoW}

Dec 26th 2011 11:37AM Concerning gems: I believe they should split the main stats among the different color gems. For example, make strength red, agility yellow, and intellect blue. Then they could also split the secondary stats up as well. I realize that would probably make some combinations impossible, but it would at least fix red gems being the only ones worth anything and people charging 300g + on the AH for them. It has to be hard for more casual players to gear up for higher content when they can't afford the gems and enchants.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Foam Sword Rack from {WoW}

Dec 20th 2011 9:03AM Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good fight!

12 Days of Winter Veil: Landro's Lichling from {WoW}

Dec 19th 2011 12:59PM Even if we're horribly mangled, there'll be no sad faces on Christmas. -The Grinch

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: Purple Puffer from {WoW}

Dec 18th 2011 9:44AM come on it's Christmas! almost...