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Breakfast topic: Problem paradigms {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2008 4:35AM My main is a belf pally, full holy. I usually don't do that many bgs a week, except when some of my friends an I take good use of the "join as group" -option (pally-hunter-'lock-rogue is a good combo :p).

I had a deal with an irl friend of mine few months back: she ground out my Sha'tar rep to exalted, I ground her 20k honor. While I ran around AV with her rogue main, she healed Arca with my pally.

Playing a rogue was something so different from playing a pally, that it actually took like 20 matches in AV for me to get any clue of it. I had no idea of it, except that I was supposed to get 5 combo points and use some kewl skill, like Eviscerate. Needless to say, I had trouble with getting the actual points. I've never had a rogue alt before that (now I do), so you can imagine it. I didn't even realise stealth had a stance button -.-'

I know you're not supposed to do that, but we both got away from lot of pain and hardship by doing that - I hate Tempest Keep instances, she hates bgs. Being close friends for over 10 years now, no harm done though ^^

Also, I now have a mage alt (48) and when I play my pally after playing the mage I always tap the "blink button" (F on my keyboard) with frustration -"why doesn't he blink, ffs?"... And when I play the mage I always miss my pallys 14,5k armor and the bubble :/

Does Blizzard need to put out more content faster? {WoW}

Jun 24th 2008 4:28AM I do have to check the dps. Without entering the instance that might be a bit tough, though. I am not going in there before I ding 80, that's for sure xD

I've never had any trouble with a 5-man before MgT, having bit over 2k +heal unbuffed now. Sure, if the dps sucks or the tank can't keep aggro it's an adventure, and sometimes it's best to call it a quit. I've heard other ppl say that some boss-fights just aren't balanced class-wise, and I think those I mentioned are the best examples from my point of view :p

Continuing your OT, I agree - they shouldn't have put Kael to be the last boss in MgT, and exactly for the reasons you mention. Afaik (not much, since I've never been to The Eye), the fight is an adaptation of the raid encounter, even though much simplified for the occasion. Bending the lore was unneeded here, I'm sure they could've come up with another (and less dead) last boss.

Does Blizzard need to put out more content faster? {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2008 5:11PM I'd like the idea of some new instances to Azeroth. I think Outland has enough now, but I have far too little reason to go to Azeroth anymore.

Before you say it, I don't do MgT, I hate that place (with a holy pally it's hell - and yes, I have gear from ZA). I would love the mount, but it's not worth the trouble, never will be. That brings out the question, why are some fights so priest-oriented healer-wise? Holy pallys are good healers too, but like the whole MgT, there's not too many places where we'd excel. Talking 'bout priest-oriented fights, think about Ahune (died like 10 times there today, just because I couldn't heal everyone fast enough)...

Back from off-topic... Some new instances would be nifty, yes, but I don't want them to be just fillers, I'd like some new challenge (Ahune-fight is a challenge, though a bit imbalanced one healer-wise, as I stated). Tough bosses, but not like the hell they named "MgT".

Officers' Quarters: Cracking the whip {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2008 4:57PM Don't know about you guys, but I learned a ton about healing when my friends ran me through Zul'Farrak back in the day. Keeping two or three lvl 60-70 players alive as a lvl 40-something crappy-geared holy pally was an experience I'd rather not live again. I learned so much of that though, so it still is worth it.

Also doing heroics with a crappy gear is a lesson worth learning, no matter how many deaths you have to suffer because of that. I had ~900 +heal in my first hero, and we did fine in the end (tho we didn't down Rokmar :O ). Don't be afraid to teach these tough lessons, they'll thank you in the end. Boosting is not a swear-word, but use it with care ^^

Forum post of the day: Ride your pony {WoW}

Jun 19th 2008 4:18PM I love this. I have two alts on early twenties now, and this makes me really want to go and get them forward, because it won't be such a pain anymore with running around. My mage just him 44, and it's a shame from that view that this didn't happen sooner ;p

I'm real glad, having a normal land mount is no e-peen thing anyway ^^

Ask WoW Insider: Seeking motivation to level {WoW}

Jun 11th 2008 4:19AM It took me 24 days to get my pally to 70. I must confess. I did not always enjoy it. Grinding exp with out rested is hell. Now I have a 43 mage with 3d /played and early 20's lock and priest with about 20-24 h /played. And I only play them with rested xp, out of sheer laziness.

So, what I'm after here, if you don't like leveling, only do it with rested xp, and maybe level 2 or 3 characters the same time, so atleast one of them always has rested xp and you don't get bored so easily on just playing one toon. That's how I play my alts and it's been working like a charm. Also, this way you can put all their professions to good use (like one with alch, so he/she can make pots for them all, or something of the sorts).

Officers' Quarters: A crossroads for small guilds {WoW}

Jun 11th 2008 3:58AM Mine used to be a small guild but now we have about 80 members (one alt allowed per person, so let's say about 40-50 individuals).

We've had some members in the past who wanted faster progression, but mostly we have members who enjoy good company and are happy with our slower progression, that gives everyone a chance to get gear almost simultaneously. We have some members that have chosen to join us instead of where they could be gear-wise (SSC and TK and even BT). Most of the people who wanted fast progression usually didn't even participate in any of our raids to see us out (our raiding is affected a lot by our jobs, since we are far from HC).

So, what I think of this... Those people who decided to go their separate ways had different dreams than you, but you shouldn't let them pull you down. There will certainly be people who are not happy with where they are now, or need to cut back their raiding for some reason, and might join you guild to get to a raid every now and then. You don't have to give up doing Kara just because you have too few members - take some PUGs with you instead. Go and try ZA, maybe just first boss? Even if everyone in your server is in a guild, some of them must have an alt or maybe two, who they want to gear up. They already know how to play (or should, at least), so there's you answer. Don't give up.

Forum Post of the Day: To each according to his need {WoW}

Jun 11th 2008 3:06AM My guild started out as a friend-based guild and even now we are very strict on who gets to join. Therefore also our guild bank is open for everyone (except the less-than-a-week-old who are still on trial) on four tabs and the fifth is only for officers, who may distribute things it contains for people who need them for major upgrades. We have there mats for couple mongooses, some rare gems, primals, rare recipes etc. Since most of our officers are no longer in need of much money we have steady influx of even valuable stuff. We also have some big donators in our guild, who put in stuff almost every day. There is, ofcourse, people who give less, but usually they are lower level characters with less to give.

We usually have a little spring cleaning every now and then, and I as "guild bank officer" try to keep it well organized. Every tab has a theme after which people should place their donations - mostly just to save my time. Tab 2 for example contains alchemy and cooking related material and recipes, tab 3 instead JC, BS and engineering stuff.

People tend to do very little withdrawing, so we've had to sell a lot of stuff and I put extra stuff often to AH. Ofc, the money goes to the bank. I think our system works relatively well and we've only had slight misusage that we've managed to talk people out of. And we wouldn't manage without the bank anymore, no one would have the space for that stuff anymore xD

Bornakk: Next Blizzcast to include talk on the status of badge loot in WoTLK {WoW}

Jun 4th 2008 2:40AM When I had enough badges to even buy something I already had some gear better than the original badge set. So I only bought the shield (still have it - no mojo for me yet), the boots and the ring. And surprise surprise - new badge items had 3-4 things to holy pally. The mace, the chest, the waist and there might have been one more, don't remember. I have the three first mentioned.

So I know I didn't get that much imba gear with badges... To some classes it might be entirely different, though. That's six items, of which I only have four anymore. Yup, easy epics.

I agree, though. To the more casual players who never get to raids the badge loot gives some goals. I'm bored with my holy pally atm, because it's been rather quiet with raids lately and farming primals isn't really my thing (and I just lost my previous goal when I got my netherdrake), so goals are really needed in this game. If badge farming keeps someone happy, I say let them have it ^^ It shouldn't be made too difficult, though, that might scare some from even trying to get the loot.

Get your bear mount before Wrath {WoW}

Jun 3rd 2008 4:34PM Those bears aren't even pretty. In my entire guild there's one - yes, one - person who wants the mount. We've gotten to timed #2 at best, so maybe we'll have it drop to us ^^

I don't think it'd be a terrible loss to not have the mount available after WotLK. Bit like the bug mount one could get from AQ(?) that could only be used within. You get some kicks from having that mount? Any mount (Anzu, bug, phoenix, bear...) that requires running a specific instance loses it's meaning when the "era" that produced it is over, IMO.