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WoW Insider Show: Special multiboxing edition this weekend with guest Xzin {WoW}

Apr 4th 2008 10:58AM You guys fail to realize how this works. I myself have multiboxed and everything is much more complex than you think.

He has 5 characters under his control, but he only has full control of one at all times. All thats going on is that hes copying key presses to each open window of wow, using hardware. So when he presses "1" in one, its like he hit 1 in all windows. Thats not botting since he has to do something for something to happen.

But anyways 99.99% of multiboxers dont copy the movement keys as this would make your alts run off crazily. So all the alts are on follow. Meaning if you kill the main hes lost all movement control. And his alts target through their "focus". If you dont know what focus is, its a useful tool in wow. In this case the focus is the main character. So without the focus to assist through or to follow. his alts are dead in the water. So kill his main you kill off him. With 5 humans you have to kill them all.

Another thing to realize. He can only target one person at a time. One.

The last thing is, follow breaks at a certain range, you scramble the group witha fear, bam, dead in the water again. And you also have to remember, he has to concentrate and control effectively all 5 characters at once, if theyre different classes thats alot to think about at once" Ok i need to drop a totem ,cast flash of light, earth shock, then run to my left, Dot that guy, heal again, drop earthbind totem, decurse. And he has to do all that in a very short time frame. A person playing one character gets to think about that one class, and thats it. less to get lost in.

Its not easy to multibox, its an immense challenge, which is why people do it.

And actually, most multiboxers dont pvp, they prefer PvE. Alot of multiboxers become multiboxers so they dont have to group for anything anymore.

And when you bring up the point of not fair, how do YOU think its not fair for you? You have 5 independantly thinking humans, meaning that they are smart enough to do what they need to. As i said earlier, yeah he can target and attack with his alts, but they are on follow. So they all are always going to be in the same spot, run in and fear, or run in and AoE to hell. heck seed of corruption. Not all multiboxers use a pally with theyre group.

Theres advantages for multiboxing but theres also advantages for running with 4 other people.

And yes he might be able to one shot things but he worked for it. Can you imagine what its like to level 5 characters at the same time? Drop quests are horrid: he has to alt tab through 5 wow windows to pickup items. Quests where you have to gather 10 of something he has to gather 50 of.

What about when he dies? Corpse runs take forever for him.
The amount of self coordination and effort that this guy has put into this. More than you guys will ever know when you level 1 character.

Blizzard needs to steal character customization Ideas from other MMORPGs {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 4:28PM i would have to agree with Breck. City of Heroes has the most advanced character customization ive ever seen in an MMO.

Every little detail of your character has around 50 options to choose from, legs, fee,thands,chest,belt,eyes,headgear,mothguards,ears,hair,tall,skinny,large
female,male,leg type, skin color, glasses. And all of those have around 60 different colors to choose from, not to mention you can put patterns to overlay each.

Then at lvl 13 you can get a cape. More complexity. Every 10 levels you also get a custom title that is displayed under your name. At lvl 30 you get an Aura. And this is also customizable by color etc. You can change your costume and such in game by spending points earned while fighting or doing missions. Each character can have, last i played, 5 different costumes that are interchangeable on the fly.

And if you have palyed the game for a certain amount of time, you can get wings which also can be customized, and each weapon for your powerset can also be customized.

And almost every expansion adds more options to each of the above categories.

So yeah, blizzard could learn alot from City of Heroes.