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WoW 5th Anniversary Giveaway: Spectral Kitten loot code {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2009 10:21AM want that kittyz

Mythic Entertainment rebuts Jeff Kaplan's WAR critiques {Massively}

Oct 17th 2008 3:05PM i love how mmo devs are always saying "we specifically swayed away from what wow is doing, were unique" instead of just taking the good things wow has brought and expanding on them, there is a reason that wow has 11million or whatever players. Another thing is the new wow patch deleted all my mounts and pets. however blizz fixed everything for me in no time and i was doing fine. when i was trying to get the war beta to download it was problem after problem, I am sticking with wow, not because of innovations but because of their commitment to customers.

Breakfast Topic: Unexpected Changes in Patch 3.0.2 {WoW}

Oct 15th 2008 8:12AM Seems to be a rather widespread problem with mounts and pets not showing up after you learned them, I lost about 15 mounts and several pets. All they could tell me is they know about the situation and are working on it.

Could Blizzard be shipping Lich King without the polish it needs? {Massively}

Sep 26th 2008 1:52PM beta seems really close to being done asset wise. Its all there and works well. There is still number crunching to be done but for anyone to say polish wont be attained because of a 41 pt talent hasnt been playing mmos very long. Talents and number are always in flux to some degree. They are always being worked on and changed and tweaked. The beta looks great. I think they are looking good for their nov 13th date.

Mythic makes one last case for switching from WoW to Warhammer {WoW}

Sep 19th 2008 3:49PM wow is successful for one reason.... they cater to everyone.
For example the game has what most not everyone, but most would consider a pretty casual side and a pretty hardcore side. It runs on practically any machine. As in pc, mac intel and MAC PPC. Appearantly no other game studios can figure that out. I have a pc as well and still only wanna play on mac for the sheer ease of install/uninstall etc. In addition to that the war beta was almost impossible to download unless you opted for fileplanets scheme of a paid membership. I was eagerly awaiting war. but now i will wait longer. I did eventually play the beta. It was fun i will admit but then i played lich king beta. i think war will have a tough time of it when blizzard has really upped the ante in terms of good game design.

The Daily Grind: What's the perfect download client? {Massively}

Sep 11th 2008 10:38PM Interesting this is brought up. and a good post btw. So i pre ordered WAR and was trying to download the beta. I ended up canceling my preorder because of these reasons. First to get the client they have 2 options. Or at least i could only find 2 options. Fileplanet and bittorrent. With fileplanet and where i was within its que and the rate at which the que was opening up,... it would have been months before i would be able to download. I was number 2720 and over the course of 9 hours i reached 2176..... that is insane and i am not about to pay inorder to play the beta. Thats what i got the collectors edition for. The other option i found was EA's own bit torrent of the client .... hahahaha.. Yeah over the course of two nights i was able to download 6.2 percent of the torrent. I download entire seasons of anime in 1 night no problem. Then i said. ok no problem must be popular right now. Nope still taking forever. Then i said i should write mythic or ea an email on the subject. Well what do you know there is no contact info on the warhammer site and or the ea site. there is a customer service tab but no phone number or email. I pity when some one gets their account stolen and has to try and get it back.... yikes. Regardless the leg work one had to do in order to get the client was too much thus i will now hold off on getting it on launch. I will see what the reviews and comments from people are like. I recently bought an EA game for 360 and I can tell you that if EA has their name on it. I dont care how much blood sweat and tears the dev put into the game, EA will always stuff those games with their own archaic and irritating online gameplay servers and DRM. Launching a new game is all about first impressions and unfortunately i was looking forward to WAR but my first impression of just being able to download the client has turned me off. There is enough in my day to day that i cant be bothered with it. haha so in short Fileplanet....+ EA bit torrent + plus mythics missplaced trust in EA = holding off on the game.

BattleHeat brings Azerothian armor to life {WoW}

Apr 4th 2008 1:44PM unfortunately, i think it doesn't look very good. However this is easily fixed i believe. First tailor the outfit to the model this is a very important detail, just ask any fasion designer or movie costume designer. The second detail is another one taken from the film industry, give the costume a little bit of a dusting, age it slightly. This will heighten the realism and make certain pieces of the armor actually look heavier and more robust. I think they did a good job on the craftsman ship, it just needs a bit more TLC and to get it from looking like store bought costume to movie quality costume. Not knocking it at all, but it needs a bit more love.