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Blood Pact: How the mighty have fallen, 2008 in review {WoW}

Dec 31st 2008 8:48PM The 'get away with' example was in relation to fear is not really useful in instances and raids is it? I defy you to tell me 'fear/dot/shadowbolt/fear with a pet sucking mana/stunning and dpsing or just firing fireballs' is not ez mode pvp and what a lot of 'successful' warlock pvpers did and thought it was just skill?

And the pve rotation you described sounds like a standard amount of work, but at least you got there. As a ret pala you could macro the hell out of every strike so there were millisecond downtimes but basically seal/judge/seal/consecrate/crusader strike/seal/judge/seal etc still couldn't get us half the damage you guys go and ran us out of mana within 60 seconds.

So yeah, you worked at it but you had the tools to top the dps tables in pvp. Other classes didn't. So yeah, you got away with it because after all, repeating the same dps cycle is not exactly taxing once you have the practice but the damage meters mate you all look like experts.

Like I said, you have been unfairly treated and deserve some buffing, I don't disagree. But you have been fairly well treated for the last 18 months or so therefore to give up on your favourite character during a few months of hardship is pretty churlish. Or did you just roll lock because you thought it was easy?

Blood Pact: How the mighty have fallen, 2008 in review {WoW}

Dec 31st 2008 6:00PM Sigh, I feel much better now.

Sure locks have been relatively nerfed and you are underpowered in pve and pvp and I hope it's fixed soon.

Because I know the pain. Try playing a ret paladin for 2 years. We sucked, barely figured in arena and couldn't get a raid spot for love nor money. Now we are perhaps a little OP (but not as much as many say) and are welcomed in both.

The upside is that I learned to play my class really well. There was no simple "fear, dot, dot, dot, shadowbolt, fear, dot etc" that you guys got away with for so long. Now because of my experience I think I'm a pretty bloody good ret pala player. Many locks just had it too easy and now it's time for the hard part.

Just stick with your locks, don't take the easy option of DKs or other classes. You'll have a tough grind to get into raids and arena but eventually you'll become better players and when you get buffed again you'll be melting faces with a skill you didn't have before.

Breakfast Topic: The end of 2008 {WoW}

Dec 31st 2008 2:40PM My biggest achievement was biting the bullet and setting up my own guild.

Having tried 3 guilds I came to the conclusion that:

1. At my age I'm sick of playing with and putting up with childeren and hormonal teenagers. Sure they have the right to play the game and good luck to them, but in my guild it's 18+ and uncensored guild chat. So we don't have to put up with ADD, hormone induced emo reactions, childish behaviour, poor timekeeping, selfishness and all the other crap that makes kids normal kids. They don't allow kids in the pub for the same reason we don't let them in our guild. And it's not our job to babysit kids or modify our language because their parents are irresponsible enough to leave them unsupervised in the big nasty online world. Obviously our recruiting pool is much smaller than if we allowed the kids in but quality > quantity. And I'm sure the kids will say that they are mature enough to be in an adult guild, but sorry you aren't, or 95% of you aren't. Nothing wrong with you, and we were the same at your age, but you don't have the emotional maturity and life experience to be a proper team player. We allowed a 14 and 15 year old from our old guild to join us as officers as they were good friends, but both have let us down due to a: getting some Xbox games for Xmas and not playing since despite us gearing them up to be main healers and b: pulling out of a raid half way through because their 'friend was upset' and then sitting in SW for the next 3 hours whilst we pugged. They are just kids being kids and that's fine but we don't want that for our gaming experience.

2. Many people who become officers are socially retarded geeks who use WoW as their only outlet for power trips because they got bullied at school are are low down in the food chain irl. In our guild, officer just means someone who organises raids and has access to the expensive items in the guild bank. We don't have that crap of 'class leader' or have token officers who just got the job as they are mates with the GM and use the fact they can /gkick to treat people like crap or win arguments. I can't believe I put up with tossers like that for 2 years, should have set out on my own ages ago.

So we've been alive a month, we've cleared a large chunk of Naxx, OS and EE in both settings. Our old guild, despite being 5 times bigger than us can't even clear Naxx on 10 man and is getting abused in realm forums for being hopeless in 25mans. We happily swear and take the piss out of each other on guild chat and no-one gets offended.

If you are sick of putting up with seriously flawed individuals or idiot officers in your guild I recommend setting up your own with a few mate. It's quite easy to get to 50 member in a month if you put a bit of effort and money into a vent server, website and organising raids. Trust me, it's a piece of piss to get a well organised guild going and is not as scary and difficult as I thought. And it's enhanced my WoW experience 1000%

Happy New Year.

Some Paladin changes announced for patch 3.0.4 {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 9:05PM Sack Ghostcrawler Blizzard, he's not up to the job.

Screw this tinkering. Why can't you just put us back to 3.0.1?

I'm ret, have been 2 years now, not like these johnny come latelies who saw 3.0, chucked on an old 2h mace and some ret greens and went and owned everyone.

Now I got to 80 and in all blues and 2 purples (damn titansteel takes a long time to make). I got a 5.5k mana pool, am having to wear dps warrior plate, I go oom in about 30 seconds and I do nothing like the damage I need to be viable, though I seem to have a lot more HP that I really need. Maybe ret is the new prot?

I can understand it (though it was less than 3 weeks you whiney bitches) that people got upset at the imbalance at 70 and it got hotfixed/nerfed but now those nerfs have been magnified ridiculously at 80 with the gear and stat changes.

Ret palas are crap again and these changes will do f*ck all. What kind of project management skill sdoes Ghostcrawler have? None by the looks of it. He does a month of PTR, does a lot of tinkering and is happy with palas. Then on live everyone goes QQ about us being OP for a whole 3 weeks before expansion and he nerfs just about everything so that we are balanced...but then he forgot it was supposed to be about level 80 and ends up with an underpowered gimped spec again.

I mean, there were NO NEW SPELLS at all in WOTLK and there IS NO RET PALA GEAR in WOTLK. And we have NO MANA in WOTLK. He just changes his mind week to week and is clearly influenced by whiners and is probably quite weak compared to the developers of other classes who roll all over him.

And these changes are not even the ones from the PTR before patch 3.0.....where the f*ck does he pull this rubbish from?

The guy is a joke. He's making it up as he goes along and is serially incompetent. If any of my staff botched their projects like this, disregarded expensive product testing, changed their mind on a weekly basis and managed to piss off most of our customers I would have sacked their sorry arse and suggested a job in daycare as more suitable.

Time to switch to a deathknight I think. At least the guy running that class knows what he's doing unlike this idiot.

Blizzard Calendar vs Group Calendar {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 9:44AM Ielinye hit the nail on the head. If your guild has more than 100 people the calendar is useless. We have 270 people, most at 70 and run 3-4 senior and 5-6 beginner raids a week. We tried it once and most of us didn't get the invites.

How hard would it be for Blizzard to make the invite maximum 1000? I'm sure it wouldn't use up too many resources.

Breakfast Topic: Last minute tasks for Hallow's End {WoW}

Oct 29th 2008 11:11AM Pah, don't talk to me about HH :)

I am a total victim of RNG. On one run the witches band dropped 5 times (and we already had it). Then the next one it dropped 4 times and the other time is was a +spell power that my warrior wasn't particularly interested in. Then the next day it was only 4 of us, and you guess it 4 witches bands........So I haven't been since.

All the hassle of getting the group, heading all the way to SM (am Alliance) running the guantlet of zombies, Hordies waiting at the entance and clearing for zero drops over 3 days took away my enthusiasm.

Curse you random number gods!!!!

Officers' Quarters: Hired muscle {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 10:44PM I think we are in agreement here.

I completely concur that some people are either too lazy or just.....bad...... at raiding and will never progress anywhere. And if the raid and guild leadership sucks then progression will be at a snail's pace.

But there are a lot of places to hide in a 25 man raid (once took a newly dinged tank in greens to Maggy just to click because my main was saved and the guild was short. He got a T4 breastplate drop because all the other warriors had it or better) and it's very easy for a guild to boost people through 10 mans. Hell, we've been doing it for the last 3 months due to boredom.

I just think that if you haven't been hand fed the whole way to BT/MH then you've probably got the skills in your class/spec to progress to SWP. It's just a matter of time and commitment to upgrade your gear rather than learning any new skills or improving current ones. Now maybe it suddenly gets a lot harder. But reading the strat guides, it doesn't seem to.

So my argument is the skill difference between someone who legitimately earned T4 and someone in T6 is minimal or non-existant. And I'm sure people get boosted through the T5 and T6 content just like people get boosted through kara.

This is why I always got grumpy when people called pvp gear welfare epics because some people just afk'd or didn't contribute. As if no one wearing warbringer gear was ever boosted :)

I do agree with you on the mutliple characters vs 1 argument though.

Officers' Quarters: Hired muscle {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 2:42PM Sorry Aquandam, I might not have been clear about skill = gear.

We've been clearing Kara (boosting newly dinged guildies) in about an hour because of the nerf and because we are SSC/MH geared. The raid is very easy. Similarly we've been doing Maggy and Gruul with zero wipes for the same reasons. But we can't clear more than 13 SWP trash (as we do post raid for the drops). It's not because we don't have the skill to take out 5 mob pulls. Its because they hit too hard for our tanks and healers and our DPS isn't strong enough to kill them quickly.

Now maybe some higher level bosses (I wouldn't know) requires some imba brain skills and hand eye coordination that is not tested in the lower level raids.....but I doubt it. We can't clear SWP because we are not all T6. I bet if you increase our raid group's stats by 20% we'd get close. 50% and we'd do it easy.

Sure doing top level stuff requires a lot of preparation and commitment to gearing. But I don't think it takes skills which aren't tested in lower level stuff.

So I say again, skill = gear and not the other way around. You raid 2-3 nights a week for long enough and you will be clearing the hard stuff. Doesn't mean you are better than someone in lower ranked gear who started 6 months after you.

Officers' Quarters: Hired muscle {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 7:08AM errrr...Steamroller....sorry but you are talking bollocks.

Having 8/8 T6 gear simply means you've been playing longer and/or put more time into it than lesser geared people.

Sure, having some basic skills and an ability to read and implement a strategy guide is required but that ain't rocket science baby.

Almost anyone could have become T6 given enough time assuming no expansion. Sure some people quicker than others, but pretty much everone sooner or later. All these people would be doing is speeding things up for a bit until the expansion comes out.

After that, as I'm afraid you will find my friend, we are all equal and all the T6 people will discover that skill simply equals gear and nothing more.

Ghostcrawler talks about Paladin nerfs {WoW}

Oct 28th 2008 1:47AM Sorry, slightly off topic...but why can't a hybrid be just as good at any role (tank, heal, dps) as a specialist class?

I mean where was that written down?

I mean we can't play all 3 roles at once, so if we spec and gear to one roll then surely we should be just as good as a specialist all things being equal.

A prot pala will be very unlikely to throw a single heal in an instance or raid, so why can't he be able to tank as well as a warrior?

Similarly, holy palas don't hit many things and usually only take damage when a wipe is in progress so why can't they heal as well as everyone else.

Ret palas probably have time to chuck the odd heal in but it's not their job in a raid. And in BGs and arena there either isn't time for a heal or it happens after the enemy are dead. Sure I can chuck a sneaky heal into my mage arena partner when he iceblocks and I bubble, but that is just wasting my chance to nuke the bad guys whilst immune.

I know a lot of people who rolled 'pure' classes seem to have this idea that the druids/pala/shammy classes should be seen as utilities and never top their roles.....but......why?

It's not a D&D concept. It's not written in any manual I've seen. There is no 'lore' reason. Can someone tell me why they feel hybrids shouldn't be able to top the role they spec to?