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Patch 4.1 PTR: Wintersaber mount grind goes daily {WoW}

Feb 28th 2011 10:48PM Doing this quest in it's original state to become the holder of the second one of these on my server is still one of the best memories of this game. Such a beautiful mount. I'm kind of glad that more people get a shot at it, but kind of sad at the same time.

Breakfast Topic: What cemented your interest in WoW? {WoW}

Nov 14th 2010 10:12AM WoW was my first MMO. I'd never played that sort of game before. I too, chose a hunter. I thought I was pretty good while playing solo. Much the same as you. Didn't die too much, did decently well. Found some of the game rather frusterating, though. I had a guild, but not too much help was forthcoming.

Then I went on a UBRS run with my 'crew'. I dps'ed as hard as I could, felt that I rocked the place hard, and had a great time...until at the end of the run someone posted this weird thing called a "Damage Meter" and it turns out I had just barely managed to outDPS the 3 healers on the run. Barely. I was stunned, and immediately started researching the Hunter class...

Breakfast Topic: Big Mistake {WoW}

May 1st 2010 8:10AM Not quite the same, but way, way back in Vanilla, I'd been levelling as fast as I could so that I could get a black NElf mount. The patch that took the cats away and gave them that stupid armor instead hit the day before I hit 60.

[1.Local ]: Screaming over Hellscream's Warsong {WoW}

Mar 15th 2010 6:21AM All this QQ over using the buff or not using the buff strikes me as just whining about what someone else is doing. In the end, what does it really matter? You know if your crew did it without the buff or with the buff, and that's all that matters. All the "big major important things" like realm firsts and whatnot have been sorted out to the cool kids who care about that sort of thing by now.

If one group raids with the buff and the other doesn't...what does it matter to each other's raid? That's right, it doesn't.

Blizzard: Arenas were a mistake. {WoW}

Nov 13th 2009 6:05PM Nice to see them finally admitting this. PvP just keeps screwing up an otherwise great PvE game.

Are Paladins going to get nerfed? {WoW}

Feb 18th 2009 10:45PM Doesn't it suck how the game is constantly ruined, nerfed and "adjusted" all because of those damn Arenas, eh...

Breakfast Topic: Gender bender {WoW}

Feb 7th 2009 11:12AM The only person I know of to go through gender change did so because he lost a bet. His old guild beat his new one to a certain Achievement (The Immortal, iirc) and so his Male NE Hunter went to a female NE Hunter (Same name, but that works with either gender)

Breakfast Topic: The new 5-mans {WoW}

Nov 24th 2008 10:14AM I was so distracted walking around the Hall of Lightening (back half) for the first time I nearly missed several fights. It's just beautiful in there.

Blizzard wants your feedback on the new Pet defensive {WoW}

Nov 7th 2008 8:28PM I love it. That, combined with (careful) tab targetting in raids means a pretty decent boost in raids, as my pet never gets more than 1/4 of the way back to me before it's off attacking my next target. I don't have to worry about it being on the 'wrong' target, or find my /petattack macro, or anything like that.

Ghostcrawler talks about Paladin nerfs {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 1:39AM Lolret and/or least you just have a derogatory term for one spec. Try being a "huntard". No matter what you do or how good you are, folks see a hunter and that's it. You are a "huntard", unless proven otherwise multiple times.