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Noblegarden: Sexy or Sexist? {WoW}

May 1st 2009 3:31PM Robin, thanks for posting this. I'm going to do the smart thing and not read the comments, but I appreciate what you're trying to do.

When AFK attacks redux {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 8:03AM @Yada

It was the very essence of PvP in WoW. The beautiful thing about (world) PvP in this game is that it's not always about who can pump out the most damage, but about using all the tools at one's disposal to triumph; one's abilities, the environment, and the opponent's distraction are all perfectly valid.

This priest made an excellent kill. One to be proud of, and one that I'm sure will be related over Vent many, many times in the future.

I feel for that DK. I really do. I can hardly imagine the frustration and upset he went through after the ordeal, but that is a consequence of life on a PvP server. Had he been paying attention and been ready for a fight (which you should be any time you set foot out of Dalaran), he had a far more than equal chance of beating that priest, even with the Drake attacking him. But he wasn't ready. He was distracted. He likely didn't have his trinket on. He lost, and hopefully learned a lesson.

Here's hoping that the next time he's fighting that Drake, he'll have the presence of mind to be ready for a fight and when the next Horde challenger comes along, he gets his own story to tell over Vent while he's flying over Krasus Landing on a fancy new mount.

Ghostcrawler talks a bit about Resilience {WoW}

Jan 15th 2009 12:51PM In my opinion, it's time Blizz dumped the idea of having different gear mechanics for PVE and PVP entirely. In the pre-BC world, anyone who didn't participate in high-end raids was at a severe disadvantage. When combined with the fact that high-end raiding was such an exclusive activity, it created a dynamic in which a tiny fraction of the population completely dominated everyone else.

That situation no longer exists. Raiding, to some extent at least, is available to everyone. PVE and PVP progression should be two paths to the same end. PVP gear should focus more on the survivability stats (stam, armor, resistances, etc) that are core to PVP (it's how we gear for low-level PVP when there is no resil. at all yet). PVE gear should continue to focus where it does now.

Those who work hard and obtain the best PVP gear would have a considerable survivability advantage-- large health pools and mitigation. Those who work hard and obtain the PVE gear would have a considerable damage/healing advantage (excepting tanks, who have never been particularly easy PVP targets under any circumstances, not have they been particularly large threats). This would allow PVE gear to have limited viability in a competitive PVP context and PVP gear to have limited viability in a PVE context without being exclusive in any direction.

In their focused contexts, each gear type would work to its designed end. In non-focused contexts (world-PVP and BGs), the two gearing philosophies would cancel each other out to a degree.

I believe that people should be free to focus on the game they like to play (PVE for some, PVP for others) without completely handicapping themselves in the process. It's not right that PVE-geared players should dominate in structured PVP (as they do now), nor is it right that PVP-geared players should dominate in PVE (the case, to varying extents, in BC).

Out in the open world, there needs to be a balance. If two mages (for example) have put the same effort in to progression-- one to raid the hardest PVP instances, the other to compete in high-bracket Arena-- they should be a roughly equal match if they meet in Dragonblight. Neither should have a massive gear advantage over the other, and neither should be able to compete with the other in their focused area of play.

Take the player, not the class {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 2:33PM I am the leader of a small, casual raiding guild. This change is an absolute godsend for groups like us. We have a small number of skilled, loyal, players who get along great and always maintain an atmosphere of friendly camaraderie. It's a pleasure to not have to worry so much about raid makeup anymore!

15 Minutes of Fame: Proudmoore guild plays out GLBT pride {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2008 10:33AM I'm the leader of a GLBT-friendly guild on Crushridge. These little pockets are a welcome safe space in an environment that can often be very friendly. As a gay woman, I know my experience in WoW is different than that of gay men (they face more derision; when people learn that I'm a lesbian, the comments are usually much more sexual in nature), but it's nice to have a group of people where I can be open and out and not have it be a huge deal. I'm very proud of who I am and despite the flak I get for it from time to time, I have no intention of hiding it or avoiding questions when they come up.

For the record, I'd say our guild is roughly 50-50 queer (of all stripes :D) and straight.

Of unstable servers, MIA pets and one Scarab Lord Dinosaur {WoW}

Oct 20th 2008 9:15AM I got an IGM from Blizz containing a bunch of mounts and pets that /hadn't/ been deleted. All stuff I had safely tucked away in my Mounts & Pets tab.

Forum post of the day: I need that for my PvP set {WoW}

Jul 17th 2008 8:29AM Over the years I've been playing WoW, I've done SM:Armory hundreds of times. The one and only time I've ever seen Deadman's Hand drop was my first time tanking it on my paladin (my main, now).

I lost the roll to a 27 priest who "needed it for PvP." :(

The Creamy GUI Center: Resurrected and back in action {WoW}

Jun 20th 2008 12:18PM I'm glad to know that you're recovering. Welcome back.

Breakfast Topic: Guild sayings {WoW}

May 22nd 2008 8:43AM In my guild, we tend to ready-check verbally over vent. The correct response is "Kitty deployed," which comes from our tendency to fail in arenas when we don't have our non-combat pets out.

Is Karazhan no longer for entry level raiders? {WoW}

May 19th 2008 12:35PM I came back to wow with a bunch of friends a few months ago, and we're just getting ready to start progressing through Kara. We're all pretty experienced, but many of us hadn't played since pre-BC. Only a handful of our members have ever even set foot in Kara, and we're all very excited to tackle what is, for us, a new and imposing challenge.