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Breakfast Topic: Guild sayings {WoW}

May 22nd 2008 1:37PM Anyone for a run of heroic "salve penis"?

"p00p" is a standard greeting when you show up in game. Comes from EQ days when you'd wait for mobs to "pop" and a typo that stuck.

"bbrb" and "pbrb" are better than just brb because people know how long to wait for you (until you get your beer, until you take your pee)

Officers' Quarters: LF Raid Leader PST {WoW}

May 12th 2008 12:45PM A group of 4 of us leveled together every Monday night. One thing that worked well recently for the group was to elect a "captain" every week. That person would be responsible for deciding what instance/quests to run, finding a 5th from friends or PUG, and generally either leading the run (marking mobs, deciding which strategies to use) or appointing someone to do the same.

We've since combined our group with a similarly group of about 5-10 casual raiders and been running Kara and ZA successfully. While there is really one or two RLs working our twice weekly raids, doing the same organizing + calling out the fights and markings, it's still a very similar system.

I suggest you introduce the role of captain, and have people volunteer to do it (first off by saying that you would NOT be doing it). You can still offer to raid lead -- say that you'll be available to run the raid real-time, mark the mobs, etc. -- but that will initially offload the organization and communication tasks from you to a captain. From there, you can then begin further encouraging other people to help you out... train someone on mob marking, for instance, or let them lead the first few bosses of Kara. That's a good way to mentor a few people into taking on the actual leading of the raids, breaks up the responsibility.

Finally, don't hesitate to tell people that you're burning out because of this and need to compartmentalize these responsibilities if the group is going to continue into Kara.

Recruit friends, give them levels {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 10:00AM They could easily do it as some other MMO's have done. I believe one of the superhero ones had a way you could designate a "sidekick" and temporarily increase their level so they could adventure with you. Imagine that as long as someone was grouped with you they came up to an equivalent level? Give them a buff that brought their gear up to equivalent DPS levels, for instance. But there were restrictions on loot, and the leveling experience gained with you would be proportionate to their real level. It's complex, but I could see something like that working and working really well. (And it wouldn't be imba for end-game, because just putting someone up at level 70 doesn't qualify them for heroics and raids. You wouldn't let someone tank or primary heal brought along this way, they'd just be dps.)

Officers' Quarters: Casual raiding that works {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 12:04PM Our guild uses a similar zero-sum system and it's worked great. We have hardcore raiders and part-timers who cycle through when they can. Two additions that have worked REALLY well is the idea of qualified rolling and wishlists.

Anyone who has enough points to afford a particular drop without going negative is qualified to roll on it. This means that you don't have to be top of the list to get the loot, giving more incentive for people to climb "high enough" to have a chance at getting a good drop. If no one with enough points wants to roll, then it's opened up to EVERYONE and yes they can go negative if they win the loot.

After you've earned a certain number of points within the system, you're allowed to put an item on your wishlist. (Great for collecting those tier pieces, for instance.) If you're in a raid and your wishlisted item drops -- and you are qualified to roll on it -- you only roll against anyone else on the raid who has also wishlisted the item. If you can't afford it but no qualified rollers are rolling on it, then you still have priority over the folks who haven't wishlisted it.

This requires a bit of bookkeeping but no more so than the zero-sum system. We have a wishlist thread in our forum that people use to announce their wishlisted items (and when they get them). For every item drop, it's the responsibility of the player to announce how many points they have and whether an item is wishlisted. For each drop, you announce your points and whether you've got something wishlisted. At a glance it's easy to tell who gets the loot.