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An "insightful and thoughtful" look at Hunter DPS from the forums {WoW}

Apr 8th 2008 9:34AM FIrst off, in our guild we have a BM hunter that puts out 975= dps at every raid and instance, and that's in T4 and under gear, even though we have kara on farm and are headed that way for ZA. But given that, he's also useless for anything else but cranking the dps.

I think a hunter should be more than the sum of their dps. Personally I run a MM/Surv for flexibility. Great cc abilityand good dps, the build allows my pet to die without destroying my output. I'd run Surv/MM except that we already hav one raid spec. I also use daggers... Take that Status Quo!!

As it is, my guild is very happy with that level of flexibility that I bring to the table, and earns me more raid and instance spots than our pure dps hunter.

Proudmoore gets badge vendor to 100%, chaos ensues {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 2:05PM Well, that's one advantage of being in an over-crowded server...

Gratz guys!!