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Insider Trader: The patch 3.1 glyph market {WoW}

Apr 21st 2009 6:33PM OMG pietrex, you choose NOT to use the AH and instead use trade? You think you missed out on a few hundred gold?

Auctioneer has made me over 30,000 since patch day selling glyphs! :)

Blizzard's new raid model and why it works {WoW}

Mar 18th 2009 6:03AM I am not a hardcore raider, in fact i'm quite middle of the road. However, it's all very well saying there will be bigger and better raids, but since the game is so easy right now, I expect I will have got too bored by the time anything remotely challenging comes along.

When I started playing I never even dreamed i'd see SSC or TK, let alone Hyjal or Black Temple, and Sunwell was laughable. For us to see this content required that we all performed to our best and improved week on week.

Whilst these things seemed almost unatainable, the challenge of improving and gradually moving towards these goals made the game worth playing. With few real challenges or aims left in the game i know many in my guild dont see enough of a challenge to take the game seriously and therefore have quit raiding in favour of levelling alts, or quit the game entirely. I suspect Blizzard will lose many people over this, not just hardcore people either. Everyone needs a goal to aim for, it used to motivate me massively to know there were several tiers of content above me. Knowing i am doing the best content there is makes me a little unmotivated to improve.

Return of the Revenge of the Community Policing and Naming Policy Argument: The Addon {WoW}

Apr 9th 2008 9:58AM I'm totally in favour of this addon. I dont understand why Blizz dont take some responsibility for blocking blatant naming violations. I have reported several people for naming violations. I'm not talking about harmless innocent names like 'iluvmykitty' im talking about names that include serious disturbing sexual and racial references that I would never dream of posting on a public forum. Those are the ones that A) should be reported and B) shouldnt even be able to be created in the first place!

I can hardly believe in this day and age that people even consider creating some of the names i have seen. I am playing on an EU realm Is this a problem limited to EU realms?