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Return of the Revenge of the Community Policing and Naming Policy Argument: The Addon {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 2:10AM Those who expressed thanks for the addon -- you're most welcome. I've seen an influx of clear violations on my server recently and finally decided to do something about it.

@Syme: The default report message specifically mentions the RP policy if playing on an RP realm, indirectly mentioning that it is indeed an RP server.

Regarding the diacritics removal -- I'm very sad about that. Although diacritic-heavy names might still violate other categories.

@Cakeordeath: The addon includes several features to discourage "report griefing" or what have you. For example, it includes categories of violation that make the user consider how exactly the name violates policy (e.g., Leet speak, sexual, drug reference, etc.). It does not allow reporting 50 names en-masse.

@Cynra: Yes, reporting several names at once is convenient for players and GMs alike, but 15 seems like a lot. Recently a player asked GM Syndri about the ideal size, and he replied 5 or so:

@Juliah: Couldn't agree with you more. Thanks Daniel for continuing to bring these issues up and showing Blizzard that we do indeed care.

He Said, She Said: Tauren Females {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 1:53AM I rolled a tauren female and made it to 60 back in the day, but the poor-fitting armour etc. got to me and I eventually more-or-less abandoned her.