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Spiritual Guidance: The GearScore is a lie, Page 2 {WoW}

Apr 30th 2010 2:37PM I use GS primarily for random instances. Not to denigrate the gear anyone brings, but just as a quick check to see if anyone in the group might need a little extra consideration. If a tank comes in and has gear in the 3K range, while most of the other are 5-6K, I will step back on my aggro as a DPS. If the healer is low, I will watch that the healer is not getting hit on too hard or be ready to help out with a quick bubble (I'm an spriest). These are things I would do anyway, but without GS it may take a few pulls for me to see if there is a problem. This way, I can anticipate a little faster.

Where people "fail" on gear is when they don't have the right enchants/gems (or any). Low GS however can mean lots of things. Mine is not as high as most, for example, because I've been dealing with a disability for some months and had to give up raiding entirely.

Breakfast Topic: What kind of PuG are you? {WoW}

Dec 11th 2009 11:56AM I'm an 80 DPS, and I've been making it a point to run a regular random every day to help out people gearing. While the heroics are silent & deadly for the most part, the regulars, though more work, are actually more fun -- people who are in an instance for the first time, people who are thrilled to finally get the achieve. Many are in greens & blues but they seem more willing to listen and really work at learning the instances. Just a few basic suggestions and a friendly, helpful attitude often can make a big difference in helping those players progress (and learn good instance etiquette) -- and they will be that much better in the next PUG!

I am thinking about a macro for the start of regular instances, to the effect of "speak up if you havent been here before," and "DPS please count to three before letting loose and make sure you target the tank's target."

Insider Trader: Cooking, the final stretch {WoW}

May 2nd 2008 1:49PM I've leveled cooking to 375 and fishing to 350. Max cooking is not only personally useful but great for at least one person to have in a guild. Rogues and hunters especially send me stuff to cook for +agility. Fishing is a must for golden fishsticks, which give a buff for healing, and broiled bloodfin, which can give a quick resistance boost.

I find fishing relaxing - with Fishing Buddy installed, it is easy to chat. A good way to work on your fishing is anytime you are waiting around for a group - who doesnt wait at least 10 minutes for an instance to start? Find the nearest water and cast away. Always carry some +100 lures (ask your alchemist to make them for you) to guarantee the maximum catch.

High-level fishing also enables you to fish up motes of water and cook the top recipes in the game (fisherman's feast, spicy crawdad, hot buttered trout). And of course, at 70 you can do all the daily fishing quests for gold and goodies.

At lower levels of fishing, if you hit pools along the coasts, such as STV and Feralas, you will fish up tons of leather, cloth, and greens.

Breakfast Topic: Macro madness {WoW}

Apr 11th 2008 1:50PM I only started seriously adding macros this past week, after I hit Outlands instances and realized I needed more efficiency in CC, plus my action bars were getting too crowded. WoWWiki has a great set of pages of cut and paste macros (or easily modifiable) for each class, just type in the search window "Useful macros for X" with X being your class.

As an SPriest, I find a focus macro to cast Shackle Undead very useful (basically I modified the mage Polymorph macro). I added an announce to it (/em says shackling %f) as well as to fear ward (/em says Fear Ward on %t) - two spells that people are usually trying to find out whether they've been cast.

I've also set several action buttons to do two things at once, based either on left or right click. So for example, both my mounts are on one button, my flash heal and binding heal on one, and especially useful, single/group shadow prot on one and single/group fort buff on another. This cleared a half dozen spaces on the bars!

Finally, I added a very simple macro to all my damage spells, such that the spell casts whether I am currently targeted directly on a mob, or on the MT (hits target of target).

Although I know I can add more elaborate modifiers for each macro (shift, alt, etc) I'm keeping it to what I can actually remember in the middle of a fight :)