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Blizz accidentally puts DK description on classes page {WoW}

Jul 17th 2008 8:20AM W3re R LiNkz!!!

Forum post of the day: Doomsprocket's Dilemma {WoW}

Jun 30th 2008 5:31AM 'Using peripherals outside of a keyboard to play? Sounds illegal imo, shouldn't be able to use stuff like that. Hopefully Blizzard bans them. '




All things Wrath of the Lich King {WoW}

May 15th 2008 7:21AM Partially agree with the above however lets just take a full yimpartial view of this.

By your own admission organising 25 man raiding is more complex than organising 10 man raiding (15 less people) now that in itself requires more effort!

Due to this the gear in 25 mans will be slightly better than the gear in 10 man versions.

IF blizzard did bring in the same gear for both types then i do think we would see a rapid decline in the amount of 25 man guilds and a large increase in 10 manning guilds. There are those who would prefer the 'epicness' of fighting with 24 other players but simply organising 15 more people for the sake of 'doing it with more' is not really justification in an of itself.

In summary, 25 man raiding gear being slightly better is a 'carrot on a stick' to give people more incentive to run 25 mans, in my opinion this is fine.

What i think alot of people seem to suggest is that 10 man raiders and 25 man raiders are seperate people, personally we've set up a guild from being a core of hardcore 10 man raiders (dedicated people) and we've expanded to allow us to incorporate 25 man raids.

When WotLK first starts up we'll no doubt begin with 10 man Naxx, learn alot of the encounters then by the time we're half way through and some new people are gearing we'll start progressing the 25 mans once to twice a week while running the 10 mans 3-4 times a week!

I am really happy Blizz have understood that the 10 man raiding model has opened up raiding and they've agreed to provide a parrallel line f progression for 10 man raids also.

In summary:

25 man raiding is harder ot organise than 10 man raiding so the gear is slightly better.

I am looking forward to the intamcy of a 10 man progression line while at the same time looking forward to organising some nice 25 member raids into the larger versions.

(And on the ultimate plus side it would be so much nicer to go into a 25 man raid with everyone already having 'done' anotehr version of the boss previously!)

The Death Knight class revealed {WoW}

May 9th 2008 5:54AM BUT!!!

If you create a DK then you'll have to level a whole 15 levels before experiancing the new content, while i do agree that many people will want to roll deathknights eventually I Highly doubt many people will roll one as soon as the expansion hits.

Just think about it logically, you can either go running off into Northrend and start experimenting with the new instances, quests and zones OR you can start levelling in plaguelands, Honor Hold, Zangamarsh, Nagrand... For the next 2-3 weeks (lets say 100 hours playtime).

Personally i dont think we'll see such a huge influx.

What i DO think we'll see is alot of people creating deathknights later on or Alts as a new character to level to 70 due to the increased starting level. The idea that we would all roll Deathknights on Expansion day is ridiculous.

New class

The Death Knight class revealed {WoW}

May 9th 2008 4:34AM I'd just like to say that reporting liek this is why I check wowinsider every 5 minutes risking my bosses displeasure!

Excellent reporting guys, great job :)

Breakfast Topic: Cooling off {WoW}

May 8th 2008 8:10AM Sh4maN N3rFz!!!!

Every time a Shaman enters 2v2 they'll be a sharp rise in Cupcake eating, therefore reducing the life expectancy of Shaman players in the long run.

Anti Keylogger Shield may offer some protection for your account {WoW}

Apr 12th 2008 10:42AM If you already have a key logging software on you machine then typing your username in is going to get you hacked.

Having it auto saved is hardly dumb if it requries the keylogging software to be slightly more advanced. At best it prevents you being hacked, at worst you're in the same position you would've been in anyway.

I think some of you are losing the bigger picture here, we're not attempting to make these password and account details 100% impregnable to any and all intruders onto your machine with limitless resources and a burning desire to get YOUR password. It is simply a way of ensuring a bit more security for yourself.

Doing what I outlined above will prevent a plain simple 'key logger' accessing your information very easily. If they're going to the trouble of saving all the data used on your clipboard, scanning the text files in your wow directory and plain old spying on your keyboard from the tree across the road they're going to get your account anyway!

A little bit of perspective here please guys.

Anti Keylogger Shield may offer some protection for your account {WoW}

Apr 12th 2008 10:23AM Concieveable or likely?

I had not heard of any key loggers using a clipboard recording function, really only hearing about them actually logging keys, but if this is a widespread thing keyloggers do then please say so :)

Anti Keylogger Shield may offer some protection for your account {WoW}

Apr 12th 2008 10:07AM After a spate of hackings in my guild we had a talk and came up with a foolproof way of 'never' being hacked.

Maybe someone can find a hole in this and if so please let me know but this is how we purport to never again be hacked.

1: First of all make sure you have no existing key logging software on your machine :)

2: Without wow open right click on your desktop (or anywhere) and select 'crete new text document'

3: Write a random password in this file and save it, for example Leadership77breaksconverted.

4: By using ONLY the copy and paste functions (ie: Ctrl+c [copy] and Ctrl + v [Paste] or right clicking) select this password and go onto the wow website, change your password to this new one.

5: Whenever you log in DO NOT TYPE YOUR PASSWORD. Just open up this text file and select the text then Ctrl+c Ctrl+v it into the password box whenever you need to log in :)

This works by basically meaning you will never again actually type in your wow password. Any keylogging software you ever DO accidently download will only record a Ctrl+c Ctrl+v key press, that could be anything ^.^

If you want to be really anal about it all tick the 'remember my account name' in the wow login and you wont even type that lol.

Ok thats pretty much it. I dont see how anyone can ever be hacked using this process, in fact I actually have now found it even quicker to log in after learning to use it a few times :)