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Dragon Soul: Fall of Deathwing Raid Finder bosses explained in 5 seconds {WoW}

Dec 14th 2011 8:03PM I went to Ultraxion for the first time last night and my Dominos install that I updated the day the patch launched had an "Extra" bar but I couldn't make the damn button appear on it. I was the tank. Got beaten into the ground by Fading Light a couple of times while I was trying to sort out the missing button.

Logged out, turned off mods, logged in, hooray! Button! Cleaned it up on the next attempt that the other tank was actually at the keyboard for.

Seems like the other tank wasn't noticing that Heroic Will zeroes your threat. THAT is the reason why a tank should stay in for Hour of Twilight. If the tank who has aggro hits Heroic Will to get out of Hour of Twilight, it's threat-roulette when everybody drops back in.

Tanks should be hitting taunt as soon as possible once the other tank gets Fading Light applied so that they inherit the other tank's threat before the other tank needs to hit Heroic Will.

Shifting Perspectives: In which Allison makes a stupid prediction {WoW}

Nov 15th 2011 8:55PM Somebody mentioned getting Retribution Paladins to use spell-plate. Maybe they should be able to choose between two sub-specs where they either use spell plate for large spell damage attached to small melee attacks or small spell augmentations on large melee attacks... Clerics in 4th Edition D&D can choose between "lasers" (melee-to-mid-range spells dealing "radiant" damage) and melee attacks, and the two types of abilities use different core stats so if you try to include things from both sides you'll end up fairly weak. It's a decent model there that the cleric I used to play with seemed to enjoy, so Blizzard could pull some ideas for that if they're considering something similar for Ret.

Anyhow, I think making Unholy DKs int-based would probably be the best fit if they're looking to get more spell-plate wearers. They're probably the most caster-themed plate-wearers outside of the Holy Paladin; the Necromancer-in-plate equivalent to the Holy Paladin's Priest-in-plate. Magically animated pet, death coils, heavy on the disease use, etc.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Snapshots of tanking tomorrow {WoW}

Nov 14th 2011 12:26AM Re: Tanking with a 2H+shield using Titan's Grip, or... the Titan-Tank.

When I decided to level my second warrior from 70 to 80 I did it using a 2H+shield Fury-to-get-TG-plus-whatever-Prot-I-could-afford build. The first warrior had been prot right through and I'd really enjoyed the nigh-invulnerability that you can only get from lugging a shield around, so when the second warrior was starting out with Gorehowl and an Aldori Legacy Defender I took it as a sign that I should continue shielding it up but try to thump stuff with a 2H while I was at it. It went OK, I must say. There's some nice health regen in the fury tree. It's all a bit fuzzy by now, but I think I even got to have Bloodthirst and Shield Slam on the bar.

I remember figuring out some kind of horrifying Arms/Fury hybrid for my main warrior's (soloing/dailies) offspec at one point and being hugely disappointed to discover that Mortal Strike and Bloodthirst were on a shared cooldown. That Arms/Fury hybrid spec evolved into something that had both Bloodthirst and Thirst for Blood. It played like Arms (Battle Stance with the busy Arms rotation but with Bloodthirst instead of Mortal Strike) and had some cool Fury stuff like Flurry and good health regen. Unstoppable killing machine!

I miss being able to create crazy levelling trees that would make endgame-oriented theorycrafters weep. :D

Ol' Grumpy and the grimoire of gear inflation {WoW}

Nov 9th 2011 2:04AM I'm not in a heroic-raiding guild, and I'm a tank so I don't see a lot of what sort of numbers individual spells are pulling anyway, but I get the feeling that individual spells hitting for six digits is still going to be a crit-only thing at the end of this expansion. I've kind of lost track of how things in Cataclysm have compared to Wrath because things have been different enough (HELLO, VENGEANCE) to throw off my sense of what was normal then compared to now.

Anyway, if we're hitting for 100k now that's only using 17 of the 28 available bits. We can double our damage (which we seem to do every two tiers or so, I guess) another 11ish times before we start using that 28th bit and needing to worry about hitting for cap. By then the game'll have had to move creature health to 64-bit integers so that we're not seeing individual spells strip away 5% of the health cap at a time, and if they're switching to 64-bit there they'll probably do it to the damage cap too and we'll have another 32 bits of headroom before we approach the damage cap again.

So... I guess I don't really see the damage cap being the limiting factor on what happens to stats. It's too far off compared to the inability to fit all the digits of a crit on screen in the big writing. :P

Ol' Grumpy and the grimoire of gear inflation {WoW}

Nov 8th 2011 7:24PM There was some evidence a while back that they're using 32-bit ints for damage done, so I'm guessing the same could be said of health.

The evidence was in the cap on how much damage a single spell could do. There was a warlock who mixed talents and tier bonuses to get their shadow bolts to both reset the timer on corruption and increase its tick size. One corruption and a few bazillion shadow bolts on one of those unkillable ghosts in the blast lands later, we found out that the damage cap is 2^28 -1. The assumption is that there's also one bit for the sign and three bits for the damage type (white, physical, holy, shadow, nature, fire, frost and healing).

GuildOx shares the most popular Alliance and Horde names by race, page 2 {WoW}

Nov 7th 2011 10:04PM I dunno, I'm rather proud of my Shifdin. It fits nicely with the various "-jin" names and is, of course, how a Troll would pronounce "Shifting".

The Light and How to Swing It: Dissecting the melee healer myth {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 11:09PM I don't play an endgame holy paladin myself, but I've been in a few runs where a good, experienced holy paladin was on his mage and trying to help a new(b) holy pally get into the right habits...

Have you got Beacon of Light on the tank? Remember that Tower of Radiance means you get Holy Power from casting Flash of Light and Divine Light directly on your Beaconed target, so if you're healing the tank directly you should use those spells and Holy Shock to stack your Holy Power, then spend the Holy Power on Word of Glory for nice big free heals.

Heals on the rest of the group should be using Holy Light, or Holy Shock and Word of Glory if you don't think you need to save those for directly healing the tank.

I agree with not wearing PvP gear to PvE content. You might end up with high int, but half of the secondary stat budget is wasted on resilience instead of bumping up more useful stats like crit, haste, mastery or even spirit and you're about as effective you would be in PvE gear from a tier below.

The Light and How to Swing It: Dissecting the melee healer myth {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 10:43PM "The issue is that we can't heal and swing our weapon at the same time. Any time that we spend generating mana via SoI is time that we're not spending healing."

This is where the instant-casts come in. You can't swing while you have a castbar up, but you can swing while you're waiting for the global cooldown.

Given that caster weapons typically have short swing times and casting a spell only pauses the swing timer instead of resetting it, having an enemy targeted and in range with auto-attack turned on means you can typically get one or two melee swings in per instant-cast heal.

The Queue: Civilization {WoW}

Oct 30th 2011 9:04PM I'm not a goblin so I don't have rocket jumps bundled in, but here's a charge macro that's very handy once you've got Warbringer:

/castsequence reset=15 charge,intercept,charge

Charge has a 15s cooldown and intercept has a 30s cooldown, so we have a charge button that becomes an intercept button for the 15s that charge is on cooldown, then goes back to charge if you haven't used intercept in that 15s. If you use intercept, it goes back to charge. If you charge again within 15 seconds of intercept, the button will stay at charge because intercept still has more than 15s left on its cooldown so charge will be back up before intercept is. If you wait more than 15s after intercept before charging, it goes to intercept because it's going to come back up before the 15s charge cooldown finishes. Basically, it always picks whichever of charge and intercept will be off cooldown next, and prefers charge if they're both available.

Be aware that castsequence's reset timer works since the last time the button was pressed, not the last time the spell was successfully cast. If you hit the button while the ability's on cooldown or you're out of range, the countdown will go back to 15s and the clever timing described above will fall apart.

Insights and observations on early Monk DPS mechanics {WoW}

Oct 27th 2011 2:34AM "You can't get rid of auto-attacks. That's how warriors and bears build their rage."

This is true for DPS warriors (bears and tanking warriors get most of their rage from being attacked rather than attacking) *under the current system,* but obviously changing the attack mechanics of warriors would require significant changes to the resource system that the attack mechanics are tied to.

The current rage system is pretty clumsy and hasn't changed much since Vanilla except for normalization when the scaling issues got too far out of control. With Blizzard's experimentation with the Barbarian's "Fury" resource (which started out as a copy of WoW's rage) in the Diablo 3 beta, it wouldn't be too big a stretch for the rage resource system to see a chunky revamp in 5.0 based on what they learned through the D3 beta.

Last time I read up on Barbarians, the deal was that ALL damage done (even by special abilities) generates Fury, so clever ability selection allows you to get good momentum and keep it while bad choices will dump you back to an empty bar. Basic (white) swings will always give rage, combo-builder-like attacks will have low enough rage costs that they still build rage, and the big finishers will have high costs. There'll be tactical combos along the lines of using Colossus Smash before a Mortal Strike so that Mortal Strike will hit hard enough to be rage-efficient, plus there'll be situation-dependent stuff like whirlwind's damage-per-enemy making it horrible on single targets but great on packs (because you generate extra rage per enemy hit).

I can see the D3 Fury model having the same out-of-control scaling as WoW's Rage used to, because basing rage on how hard you hit means that at some gear level you'll hit hard enough that you generate more rage than you can spend. I'm sure there are ways to normalize it, though. They could have abilities cost a portion of max rage but have the max rage scale with AP instead of being the static 100. They could make it generate rage based on how many swings' worth of damage you do (ie, if your character sheet says you swing for 6k, a 9k hit is "1.5 swings"). They could give each attack a set cost with a set return per target hit (ie, whirlwind costs 50 rage and generates 10 rage per target hit) and maybe throw in some "reduces the rage cost of the next X attacks by Y%" effects on some of the other abilities to allow good combo-buildups.

So anyway, there are heaps of ways to rebuild the resource system to match a rebuilt attack model. I'm not too unhappy with how it works now either but I think it's worth considering other models that might lead to more interesting or even just more intuitive play.