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Get rich quick in Outland {WoW}

Apr 14th 2008 6:34AM I have been farming Primal Airs and Fire for the Last week non-stop around 9am to 3am every day of the week,

Day1: ( Morning 9am till 3pm)Farm Motes of Fire at Shadowmoon vally, there are 5 Elementals at a place but you have to go up a hill. For some reason the drop rate is a little better.
(3PM till 9pm) Farm motes of Air in Shadowmoon vally, This place is good when other places are populated with players. but this place can also be dangerous as you need to farm on the outer side of the circle makeing sure not to aggro nothing in the middle as they not only hit hard but they can be in GRPs up to 3.
(9Pm till 3am) this is when i really focus farming at the night as when i have farmed late at night i find that no people are at Elemental Plateau.( but if there is i find ninjaing there kills can make them healthstone out:P) No the kindest of ways but it does work ( you might get called a noob, but sticks and stones:P)

In a day i can farm up to> 40 Primal Fire and 30 Primal Air <

On Primal Fire goes for 30g and Primal Air goes for 37g.

So my Daily Sum of gold is: 2310gold Per day

So in 7 days i made my self a neat: 16170 Gold.

But i shall never Farm 7 days in a row again. as after a week i was nackered and slept for 24 hours lol.

I have not paid for my epic flying mount yet. I am currently buying 500Golds worth of Adamantite Ore Every day. then i prospect it and Cut the gems into RARE Gems and sell them

Liveing Ruby: Cut into good selling gem and i get 70g from it.( example)

So basicly i earn a profit of 300g per day jus by, buying and selling, and i shall continue this untill i have around 30k of Gold then i shall buy all my Alts epicing flying mount and then start my netherwing quests.

i hope this helps:P

My Record Farming Of Primal Fire is ever! 10 Primal Fires in 55Minutes:D

this not fake, this is true and this is how i got my Gold so fast. But if you dont like hard work then dont FARM! Farming isnt just a easy ride for Gold it requires Skill

( memorizeing Respawn points)
(Timeing Respawn points)
(Good gear ( i have All epics on my Shadow Priest)
( And good understanding of our chars abliltys)

As i nearly pull around 6-7 elementals at a time you need to be sure WHAT YOU CAN HANDAL!.

With the trash that drops, that pays for my Amour Repair.

SO what you waiting for!

Get x4 20 Slot bags and FARM!

Hope this helps all