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Drama Mamas: The case of the PvE wife and PvP husband {WoW}

Mar 1st 2012 4:03PM
These people are playing the wrong game. At least when I played it,
WOW forced players to do either Arenas or Rated BG to get any type
of meaningful PVP gear. To play either Arenas or Rated BSs, you really
must belong to a guild. Its really bad for players who don't want to or may
not have the time (or patience) to belong to a guild or want to put up with
anonymous individuals who may or may not be emotionally stable at the
other end of the internet.

Nevermind that less than 25% of the WOW population do Arenas (even less
do Rated BG's). As stated in other posts WOW Arenas are just not very
enjoyable for those who dont' want to stress out arguing with other people
... I for one have enough stress from daily life and not really care to get
more in a video game ... its the finger-pointing, blaming, inferiority complexes,
elitisms and issues with other players that sour the game.

My advice ... dump WOW and try other MMOs ... plenty of more fun MMO
choices these days. There are other MMO's do not force players to spend hours
playing guild politics and dealing with people who can care less about eachother.

I am not going to give any advice as to what game to join but I must say that
I have had the best time in gaming since leaving WOW and joining another MMO.

Blizzard announces layoffs of 600 employees worldwide {Massively}

Feb 29th 2012 4:22PM @TheJackman No we don't ... we want the new and better!!! After I left WOW, I never came back and don't plan on it. Wow is just past its prime.

Enter at Your Own Rift: Looking back at RIFT's first year {Massively}

Feb 29th 2012 4:14PM @Monkey D Luffy I find it interesting that for such a "failure" of a game, how you admit to want to play it if it becomes F2P ... keep hoping kid!! lol!!! Keep the hope alive!!!! lol!!!!

James Ohlen hits back against critics, defends SWTOR's innovation {Massively}

Jan 17th 2012 4:21PM
What is really pathetic is that rated swtor as the
number one mmo released in 2011. PATHETIC! swtor is clearly unfinished and does not meet the expectations of many mmo veterans due to its lack of basic features.

Since swtor does not break any barriers of innovation, it
should (at the very least) have meet the basic feature
standards of already existing mmo's like wow, rift, etc.

Massively's Best of 2011 Awards {Massively}

Jan 5th 2012 9:55PM Yes!... totally agree with the SW:TOR-as-game-of-the-year-is-stupid opinion. Rift should be the winner and its not even close.

I am not saying SW:OTR is bad. However, its been out only a few days
and to declare it "game of the year" winner is absurd. Rift, on the
other hand, with all its expansions throughout 2011 IS in fact the
clear winner.

Enter at Your Own Rift: Of apps and patches {Massively}

Jan 4th 2012 8:35PM @eddiestrike
Deepwood also has a high population ... really fun!

Enter at Your Own Rift: Will RIFT survive the SWTORacolypse? {Massively}

Nov 23rd 2011 4:25PM I am not even planning to try SWTOR. Rift is keeping me happy.

The Soapbox: Defining the WoW-killer {Massively}

Nov 22nd 2011 4:16PM The wow killer already happened ... its wow itself. Wow is becoming
old ... this is just reality. New games are coming with better graphics,
better gaming scenarios, etc. Improving wow is not possible with the
current wow gaming architecture ... needs a new one (Titan anyone!?).

Breakfast Topic: How do you transition in and out of playing WoW? {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2011 5:42PM After three years of developing my wow characters leaving wow was very, very
difficult. However, once I started playing the new game (that shall remain nameless)
I got into it and never looked back. I did, however, designed and named all my
new characters in the new MMO the same as my wow characters ... in a way, all
my characters from wow transferred with me to the new MMO. MMOs may change
but my characters will only die off when I do :)