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Are pure DPS classes really just another form of hybrid in disguise? {WoW}

Feb 27th 2012 1:50PM The problem isn't a boo hoo type. It is a guild priority type. So far as I can tell, the typical guild priority for gear is something like this:

Tanks>Healers>DPS>offspec that can heal>offspec that can tank>offspec for tanks or heals to go dps>alternate dps gear for pure dps classes.

And throughout most of WoW history, that kind of prioritization made sense. If you are a druid tank, getting off spec heal gear *you aren't in the same position as a dps trying to get offspec dps gear*. You will have a much easier time supporting two sets than a warlock who wants to get a 2nd helm for his offspec when a mage wants his 1st or when the holy priest who goes shadow wants his offspec.

In many respects it is worse for an Assassination rogue. Can you really justify rolling on No'Kaled for your combat offspec when you have the daggers which are non-awful for combat and there is a DK or warrior in your group? Can you justify trying to get a second tier set for your offspec when your druid healer wants to get the four piece bonus for her kitty off spec that she uses in low healer fights?

Furthermore, Blizzard seems totally crazy in its philosophy regarding pure classes anyway. They say that they are committed to kitty dps being just as good as pure DPS classes, but if they do that why would you ever take a rogue? A kitty dps can brez, switch to off-tank with most of the same gear, switch to off-heals for the right fight with different gear, and in mists will be even be able to change form for healing in the middle of fight if there is a heavy healing requirement in one phase and a heavy dps requirement in another. They want to do similar things with Shamans (who have self rez and heroism/bloodlust). Ummm, why would you take a pure class to a raid in that situation?

But that is probably a distraction. Building an offset for a pure dps role is harder than doing so for a hybrid, because any rational guild prioritizes the loot to the hybrids.

The return of raid stacking? {WoW}

Nov 30th 2011 2:37PM What about those with no serious utility? Take rogues vs. kitty druids for example. Blizzard has committed to the end of the hybrid tax, but why would you play a pure dps class when the hybrids bring so much more to the raid? If the kitty does as much as a rogue, but has battle rez and the ability to pop out and off heal in a pinch, what does the rogue bring to the table?

There is a reason why rogues are barely present in raids anymore.

Cataclysm raid progression refinements {WoW}

Apr 27th 2010 3:13AM I don't have a problem with the same gear in 10 and 25.

But, People don't seem to realize that this is a serious nerf to gearing for anyone who ran both. Yes 25 man's will have more per person than 10 man's so you will get more gear than if you ran ONLY one or the other. But unless they more than double the amount of gear in 25-mans (which isn't what they suggested at all) anyone who used to run both will gear dramatically slower.

Look at the math

Current system 10-man 2 pieces per boss 0.2 per person; 25 man normally 3-4 per boss 0.12-0.16 per person.

Total 0.22-0.36 pieces of loot per boss per person if you run both.

Proposed system (exact numbers unknown). Assuming 10-man remains 2 pieces, you can only get 0.2 pieces of loot per boss per week. That is dramatically less each week.

In order to get to parity with the current system running both, 25-man would need to drop seven to nine pieces from each boss. So far as I can tell that aren't even close to thinking about dropping that much from 25-man, so anyone who was raiding both is going to gear up seriously more slowly.

I suspect this is intentional.

Why "easy raids" are a good thing (for now) {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 12:13PM I don't understand the allegedly hardcore people who complain that yes Sartharion is hard with 3 drakes up, but who wants to artifically make things harder.

You are looking at it wrong. Blizzard designed a hard version of Sartharion with 3 drake adds.

They made it possible to make it easier, but you don't get as much loot if you choose to make it easier.

All of you who are allegedly hardcore but haven't bothered to down Sartharion with all 3 drake adds, are doing it wrong. So the question isn't "Why is Blizzard making it easy" but rather "Why am I choosing to make it easy?"

Some remarks on drop rates {WoW}

Apr 29th 2008 6:08PM Speaking of statistics, does anyone know of a good proc rate reference (per item)?

Addon Spotlight: Control Freak {WoW}

Apr 15th 2008 10:41PM This addon is great, I love it for my rogue's sap. But I can't quite figure out how to use it for sap when out of combat and blind when in combat. The macro as is now is:

/clearfocus [modifier:shift]
/stopmacro [modifier:shift]
/cast [target=focus,exists,nodead,harm,nocombat] Sap
/stopmacro [target=focus,exists,nodead,harm]
/cast [nocombat] Sap
/focus [exists,harm,nodead] target
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead]
/stopmacro [button:1/3/4/5] [combat]

I think I need to change the [nocombat] line to something like /cast [nocombat] Sap; Blind

but that doesn't quite do it.