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HP unleashes Compaq L2105tm touchscreen, multitouch monitor {Engadget}

Oct 22nd 2009 5:33AM Is there any word on what kind of contrast ratio and response time this thing has? If it's anything less than 5000:1 and more than 5ms, then I wouldn't even look at it. Having a good quality display is much more important than having a secondary form (tertiary for most designers with art tablets) of input.

I hope this fad goes away again. Touch screens are great for small devices like PDAs, and short programs like ATMs, but just not very practical for every day use.

The gold standard: A WoW economics course proposal {WoW}

Jan 11th 2009 6:03PM "Killing a mob is our "job" in WoW. Occupation: Hero. Money, in real life, also seems to "appear out of thing air" in that there's no solid backing of the cash. Legal Tender is nothing more than something that we, as people, have agreed has worth. Killing mobs or doing a job causes us to generate money that, and this is the important part, does not really exist. If money couldn't suddenly appear out of thin air in reality, inflation would never happen." -Oh Come On

Well, here's the fatal flaw in your logic:
In the real world, money is not created on the spot, and when it is (because of Mints putting out more money than what is destroyed), inflation does occur. The money you make at a job is given to you by your boss, who had to make that money by producing a product or service that other people pay money for.

If my boss doesn't have the money to pay me, because he's not selling enough of that product or service, to offset all the costs of keeping his business open, I either lose my job, or I take a pay cut. He CAN'T just say "okay, you've done great, let me create this money out of nowhere for you." Even if he's paying me with his line of credit, that money has to be taken from somewhere.

In World of Warcraft, money IS generated on the spot. You kill a mob, you either take the gold that's on it, or you take the items that you get from it.

In the case of the gold, it came out of nowhere when the mob was spawned. That mob didn't contribute to the tangible economy in any sort of way. It can infinitely respawn out of thin air, and put MORE money the economy.

With the items, you take it to a vendor and sell it. They vendor will NEVER tell you "I'm sorry, I don't have the money to buy that from you," or "Oh, this item is only worth X amount of gold to me."

A ruined leather pelt will always be worth the same exact amount to any vendor, no matter how much business the vendor does, and what their item is. A food vendor in the middle of Dalaran will buy it from me for the exact amount that a leather armor vendor in Desolace will buy it from me for.

As for your "no black hole" argument, It's completely ludicrous! Have you ever attended a public school? Have you ever been trapped in a traffic jam because of road construction? Have you ever used the INTERNET for christ sake?! All of those services were set up and put into place by the government that taxes us. Just because we can't say "okay, this nickel is going to public schools, this quarter is being sent over to homeland security. AH! I'm sending this dollar into widening the freeway that I use to go to work" Doesn't mean that your money isn't being spent in some way.

In the real world, if people can't pay their taxes, or go out and spend money, the whole economy stops. Stores start to shut down, roads get bumpy, schools can't afford books. If you're not seeing this, you need to turn on the news.

In world of warcraft, if people stopped buying items from vendors, the world would continue exactly as it has been for the last 4 years. Thrall would still have his guards. The mount vendors will still have every kind of perfect mount you want to buy, and he will NEVER run out. Stormwind Keep will still be shiny and clean, and the orphans will always have an orphanage to sleep in at night.

So yes, the money to give to a vendor is a black hole. It would be nice to rollplay that the money is being used to produce his goods, but it's not. They have infinite supplies, and infinite money to buy useless items from you.

The gold standard: A WoW economics course proposal {WoW}

Jan 11th 2009 12:12AM I'll have to agree with Archvile on this one. I think that it would probably be a really great course if it was being taught in a game design curriculum. Economy is a very difficult and delicate balance when it comes to a game world- whether it be an MMO or a single-player game.

A general course in game economy might have a chance at being accepted as a 1-credit course at a university, but it would definitely have to take a look at more than just the WoW economy.

Insider Trader: Inscription from 200 to 305 {WoW}

Nov 15th 2008 8:09AM Purple Lotus and Sungrass are in huge supply in Azshara. I had no problem getting my scribe past that point. After I got to 310, I stopped concentrating on it. The thought of farming any more mats really wore on me.

Luckily, The price of Outland herbs dropped to about 3-5g per stack of 20 on my server as soon as Wrath hit. The 50g in herbs that I spent was well worth the time not farming.

Now I'm just terrified at the thought of taking my level 69 herb mule Warlock into Northrend to farm mats to get my hunter up to 400 inscriptions. I think I'll let a few weeks go by before I attempt that one.

The Sacred Artifact and Wrath's immersion factor {WoW}

Nov 14th 2008 4:45PM So far, I'm a little disappointed with the Howling Fjord, and am starting to think that maybe everyone was on to something when they went to Borean Tundra.

But it was cool running into Arthas. I just wish that he didn't sound so much like Dr. Claw. It's a little distracting.

Countdown to Wrath giveaway special: Slashdance loot cards {WoW}

Nov 13th 2008 7:12AM I'm awake because I ordered my CE from Gamestop and I'm having it delivered. I wasn't able to pick it up at a store because of my schedule.

I'm West Coast, so it won't come for a few more hours (if the delivery guy is nice and early). I'm not playing because it's killing me to see my entire guild in Northrend.

Jonathan Lee Riches has a better imagination than you, sues Blizzard {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 3:23PM I think one, simple emote covers this one...


Take the player, not the class {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 3:17PM I see this as an amazing thing. It's not consolidating classes, it's expanding them. Look at it from the point of view of the marksman hunter, the assassination rogue, the demo Lock, ret pally or balance druid. These changes opened up so many possibilities to them without having to respec to bm/combat/destro/holy/prot/feral/resto, and play a spec that they didn't enjoy, but had to do anyway if all they wanted to do was see the content and be a part of the team.

Guildwatch: Slow going {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2008 1:22AM Well, it didn't make it into the article, but Diablo of Stormscale took down Kael'thas 4 hours before the patch, getting in a kick-ass pre-nerf kill, and "Hand of A'dal" for many of our raiders.

Post-patch, we took down RoS, Mother, Illidari Council and Illidan within 3 days. Next on our list is Archimonde!

We are recruiting all classes who want a progressive guild for WotLK. No raid spots guaranteed for BC, but we will be hitting 10 and 25-man raids in Wrath hard and fast. Applications can be submitted at

Tuesday Morning Post: Patch day 3.0.2 edition {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 6:51AM You will be able to choose a new hair style/color and a new accessory such a facial hair, earrings, tatoo ect. Whatever you can select on the character creation screen as the last option at the bottom. It's only replacing. You can't add on to what you have.