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The Soapbox: The inevitable Mass Effect MMO {Massively}

Mar 13th 2012 1:44PM BioWare has definitely laid the seeds for an MMO, but I am wondering if they will be able to keep the 'inevitable MMO' accessible to consoles.

If Greg Zeschuk really believes his statement ""You have to capture what [the players] think is the possibility space," then BioWare will need to deliver a console ready MMO experience, that is not watered-down, and delivers at least as well as SWTOR. It is possible to make an MMO that works well in the console space...but no company has taken the initiative to REALLY do it right (DCUO was no a great success, nor did it have depth needed to become a classic MMO; I loved it as a beat'em up/questing game though)

The Daily Grind: Do you think MMO exit surveys are a waste of time? {Massively}

Feb 19th 2012 10:55AM Honestly, I believe that the only purpose these serve is to give the MMO devs a sense of where the user is going; are they leaving for another game or just away period. I DON"T think it will lead to a shift in priorities within the MMO games being departed, save for the undulations of marketing and hyped promos...Essentially, it is my assertion that no game is getting future changes because of exit surveys.

[Updated] On the second day of giveaways, BioWare gave to me... {Massively}

Dec 14th 2011 11:53AM Making an Imperial Agent...not even a Sith can out manipulate a well backed Agent!

The Daily Grind: Have the post-NDA testimonials changed your mind about SWTOR? {Massively}

Nov 23rd 2011 10:59AM All I can say is if you have not played it yet, then I hope you get a chance to play in this weekend's Beta. any two classes to level 10 and I GUARANTEE you will want to find Dr Who and the TARDIS so you can go back in time and pre-order it 6-months ago, whilst fighting off aliens and waiting for the Dec20th (err 15th) release date!

The Daily Grind: Will Pandaren lure you back to WoW? {Massively}

Oct 24th 2011 1:38PM Blizz sent WoW out over the shark...Why did Fonzy do it? Why did Blizz do it? Who knows!!! The 1yr Sub/Pass with Diablo, and the PokeCraft (you know...fer kids!) changes were just way too much, and smacked of desperation with many Blizzconners in agreement...Blizzard is reacting like a company on the ropes, rather than a leader that can afford to have customers come and go.

My opinion is that subscribers will leave after 4.4 and again after 5.1 is released...some will come back if they don't like the grass on the other side of the fence...My supposition based on the press noting the decline of WoW subs is that many players (millions) are just tired of WoW and are looking forward to Diablo, Skyrim, and SWTOR....or antything else that they can play for cheap, and a have a good time with friends.

Breakfast Topic: Do you plan on playing a monk? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2011 12:59PM The press releases are out there for all to observe, WoW is in decline. That is a fact, not my opinion. My opinon, based on what the facts presented to me, is that WoW will continue it's delcine regardless of how many of us love the game. It will remain commecially viable as long as we are willing to play it in sub or F2P format, it will continue to have expansions as long as more than 30-50K people continue to play it, so it is going to be around for a VERY long time.

I expect to see a decline at 1-2 months after 4.4 release, and another sharp decline after MoP 5.1.

Will I buy MoP? probably not. Will you buy MoP? Probably. Will people who don't read sites devoted to WoW buy MoP? Blizzard hopes so. Will it be the end of the game is everyone but WoW Insider readers fail to buy MoP, or stay subscribed an appeciaable time beyond it's release probably not....because WoW has staying power, and it's rabid fans will keep it alive at all costs...which is a great thing!

Did Blizz come across as a little desparate during Blizzcon 2011 when they announced the 1yr Sub/Pass? The shared sentiment of everyone I stood in line with this weekend was "Yes". We all felt that Blizz sounded a little desparate, giving away $60 on a $180 subscription is better than losing 2 milliion people with on-again/off-again subscription patterns. Some folks won't stay regardless, but those real fans who love Blizz will commit for freebies (even though they are paying for them).

So I'm done with my opinion and a few facts. Have a great-WoW-day all! :-)

Breakfast Topic: Do you plan on playing a monk? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2011 9:05AM I didn't assume to speak for everyone else @Daedalus...I rendered my opinion. I love WoW, went to Blizzcon, and I just didn't feel good about expansion and this is where you are supposed to post your opinions an notions...You shouldn't blast other people for your misreading their post as stating their words as those speaking for all. Only a narcissists would dare think they speak for all, and only those with closed minds fail to understand the words "I think...".

My 'opinion' stands...I think that for many many many people (like millions of ppl) that Cata is the last hoorah. It is my opinion that the numbers will drop dramatically after v4.4. If I am wrong so what? If I am right so what? I am just observing the decline (wow no longer has 12+ million subs, more like 9.8- million), and rendering my opinion.

Breakfast Topic: Do you plan on playing a monk? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2011 8:17AM Not playing a Monk and I am probably not getting Pandaria either. almost all of this Blizzcon's WoW news felt like WoW is on the ropes from the SWTOR release, and too many people are leaving to make buying another 40-70 expansion worth the effort. I think Cata is the end of the line.

Richard Garriott is selling the manor {Joystiq}

Oct 19th 2011 4:48PM LOL!!! Nice one. On the serious side...I think that bailing on Tabula Rasa was a bit premature, and marketing could have been a LOT better.

Blizzard's not talking about its unannounced MMO at BlizzCon this year, either {Massively}

Sep 29th 2011 8:36AM Glad to hear would be a knee-jerk reaction to give away Titan info now.