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The AV map imbalance in patch 2.3 {WoW}

Apr 19th 2008 7:10PM I'm unsure if this was posted before, but from reading the majority of it, I would wager it hadn't. (I get bored easily), I maybe biased, or may not be, but I do play an alliance toon. But what about having the IBGY moved OUTSIDE the chokepoint, to match stonehearth. That would force the horde to defend EITHER the gy or the chokepoint. But, would still allow them relativily easy defense of either location. It would allow alliance players a chance to push their oppenents back, and allow the defenders which SHOULD be stronger to get reinforcements sooner. Thing about the Iceblood chokepoint is that it blocks the entire Southern half of the map, for only Alliance players, because of the one-way drop on the other side, next to the graveyard allows the controlling party of the graveyard an out. As well as, possibly adding a similar one way drop for alliance near stonehearth. Because if horde own stonehearth, they will chase any player trying to make a run for it and send them back to stormpike. In my oppinion everything else balances itself out. Stormpike graveyard is just as easy to take as frostwolf graveyard. Horde ninja's towers just like alliance do. Just a thought.