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The Art of War(craft): DotA-style Battleground in WotLK? {WoW}

Jun 4th 2008 5:25PM There's no need to implement a DotA style hero/item system for a Dota style BG in WoW. Look past the comparison and realise that in WoW we already have a mechanic for these things, firstly the gear our characters wear and the spells/talents we individually pick are 'creating' our hero.

All Blizzard would have to do would be to provide a Dota style map with an end-game "destroy the tower" objective, include minor NPC warfare with siege vehicle combat and you're set.

The most they should tamper with tertiary stats is to allow some sort of upgrades to NPCs or buffs by tallying kills against enemy players. Much like gold is rewarded for killing enemies in Dota.

Why PvE has been, and always will be, the only real game {WoW}

Apr 20th 2008 2:34AM Coming from someone who has had Illidan on farm and plays in the 2k+ bracket I can tell you that in comparison, high level PvE is significantly easier than high level PvP.

You go into a boss fight knowing exactly what will happen and are prepared, PvP is spontaneous, fast and a true reflection of skills and ability.

Btw most people wouldn't call levelling PvE, PvE is strictly instances and boss related encounters. I could easily play this game without doing any instances and I believe I would be doing 0 PvE.