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Report Card: Phase 4 daily quests {WoW}

Apr 20th 2008 4:53PM @Pzychotix I think you're missing a couple of points.

First, farming motes for 150g/hour to sell on the AH and doing dailies for 150g/hour are 2 different things from an economic standpoint. With the former, the money you receive is comming from another player and is being cycled through the economy. With the latter however, the money is being generated out of thin air. So far, Blizzard has done a good job of keeping enough places where money can disappear as well, (such as buying a flying mount or purchasing something from an NPC) but over time, if any imbalance occurs, the surplus of gold in the economy will push prices up.

As for what Rob said about newbies, I believe he meant new players just starting the game that will have to purchase items off an inflated AH (and don't have access to money-making dailies).

I don't think this will affect new players much, but I am concerned that with the new dailies, there hasen't been much added to remove gold from the economy (the "of the Shattered Sun" title and the pay 10g daily quest are all I can think of right now) and that we may see inflation start to rear its ugly head.

I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens, and hope that Blizzard responds to any issues that may arise.