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The Guild Counsel: What every leader should know about recruiting {Massively}

Jan 26th 2011 5:32AM I started my guild years ago, then we merged with a bigger guild to fill in the holes in their roster for raiding and things were going great guns for a couple of years. Then the guild master of the guild we merged with started getting all stressed and strained and started recruiting for 25mans and was just accepting anyone and we got some right numpties join us.

Then a few of the old guild members and a couple of guys from the merged guild started talking to me about restarting my old guild as a strictly 10man raiding guild. And after much deliberation, I started moving my lesser played characters back into the old guild and started inviting back all the old guild members to the guild. Although a lot of them made new toons and were playing on them all the time.

Then we started raiding and we were a couple of people short, so I went out and looked for people who filled the holes in our raids who werent involved in a guild and we went to have fun. If the person seemed to fit in well, I would invite them to the guild after discussing it with the rest of the officers.

In short, instead of us becoming a hardcore raiding guild like the merged guild was trying to do, we retained our friendly social have fun at all costs attitude. The majority of the members are mature players (most of them mid 30's and above) with a smattering of younger players. We dont actively recruit people to the guild, but we have over 150 characters in the guild... most of them are alts but we dont care. If we have to recruit someone, we usually invite them to raids or instances with us and see how they go with some of the more madcapped members and if they survive the acid test and are still interested, they get an invite.

Everyone uses either their toon names or their first names and there is a friendly family attitude (one of the members 8 year old has a couple of characters in the guild so we all know when to keep things toned down a bit) and no one wants to leave the guild.

We have enough people to run 4 5 man teams and I have just organised the first 2 of them and I am going to be tanking to one of our tanks about him taking the third team.

I have seen what random recruiting can do to a guild and I would prefer to keep things nice and tight and have everyone feeling like family in the guild.

Scattered Shots: Autocast bugs and other animal handling issues in 3.0.2 {WoW}

Nov 14th 2008 8:50AM I am finding that the bug with my cat constantly going to prowl after being on a mount or HS'ing or doing anything that involves the pet disappearing for a second is a major pain.

I reported it last night and got a message from Blizz support saying that it is a known issue and is getting looked at now.

I hope that they sort it out soon because I might have to include a couple of suggestions in my attack macros just so she doesnt contantly walk upto the target.

WoW on an Eee PC, in ten (not so) simple steps {WoW}

Apr 21st 2008 5:01AM I have an eee pc and I am going to try installing it just for fun :)

I also have a laptop for seriously playing wow while I am out of town, but there are times when I just dont want to drag along a computer (on holidays away from computers) and the eee pc will be just great for logging in, checking my in-game mail and my auctions.