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WowAceUpdater goes the way of the dodo {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 10:05AM "You read that right. The team at wow matrix are basically uploading addons to their own file server without the Author's permission. This is why when I heard about this from the wow forums and wowace forums I immediately deleted Wow Matrix from my hard drive."

Methinks you fail to understand the concept of the GPL (or other similar licences), which most addons are released under. As long as WowMatrix is redistributing the source, and the addons they distribute are licensed under the GPL, what they're doing is completely within their legal (and moral) rights. If a developer wants to have complete control over their addon project, they shouldn't release it under the GPL.

The Daily Grind: What NPC would you be? {Massively}

Apr 25th 2008 9:20AM Mankrik.

Player vs. Everything: When will the players leave WoW? {Massively}

Apr 21st 2008 1:04PM It really is true, but I don't think you can pidgeonhole people like this... even among first-time WoW players, everyone is looking for something different.

I'm an old-school MMOer, played UO, EQ, DAoC, EQ2, and then WoW. While I've made plenty of shifts in each game, from PVP in UO, to PVE in EQ/EQ2, to both in WoW, the main thing that gets me going is real competition. The reason I barely play WoW anymore is the lack of real competition on a large scale. I guess I can illustrate this with a story of the times I enjoyed playing WoW more than any other:

I think my main was my third character, after me and 3-or-so buddies rerolled onto a new server. Leveled up relatively quickly, started guilds, played politics, merged, etc. Where our server was, both our (Alliance) guild and a Horde guild were neck-and-neck just finishing up Ragnaros when Ahn'Qiraj was announced. Needless to say, this sparked an enormous "arms-race" to push into BWL, in order to get the three-hour clear down and be the ones to open the gate. This also sparked a huge competition for the world dragons, as a PvP server we needed to compete to get the rest of the pieces to open the gate. That competition was so much fun, so enjoyable, so all-encompassing... I guess it was because it DID affect the server more than temporarily, and did encompass all aspects of the game for those involved (we won, by the way).

That is what the next generation MMO needs to provide more often. WoW did it very well for a while... every time you joined a battleground, you played against another team from your server... real competition, beyond whatever silly honor points you earned, emerged. Battlegroups ruined it, and made it so that the Arena never really had a chance.

My formula is as follows: Discrete competitive goal -> some type of Enduring achievement -> ability for competitors to catch up so one team isn't so far ahead -> New Discrete competitive goal.

Any game that can regularly provide that (AoC's battle-keep system might have a chance) will be the game that keeps me the longest.