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The Light and How to Swing It: Support class in disguise {WoW}

Apr 21st 2008 5:01PM Wow, Im a healadin, and honestly I have no problems questing or even old world instance running UNLESS I get too ambitious and pull too much. @ Harmun: Im Kara / SSC (just one piece) geared and none of it are Tier and I have NO problem soloing Scholo / Strat or even running L50+ ppl through.

When it comes to questing or just soloing in general as a healadin you really HAVE to have groups on you to be effective. Rather than just killing a mob here or a mob there. As Harmun stated Concentration Aura is your best friend while solo and if youre smart youll be specced into Imp Concentration Aura so that nothing short of actual interrupts will stop your heals and/or cast rotations.

On the other hand I agree that a lot of what we have access to IS too situational. Holy Wrath for example. It's awesome that Undead / Demons just lay down to us, but when I see "Holy Wrath" I think along the lines of Divine Punishment to wrong doers of ALL types not just Undead / Demons, I mean we have Exorcism as well which is understandably type specific.

Now, a big problem comes in the form of Ganking. I agree, most classes just put it all over a healadin and there is nothing to do BUT lay down and die *cough* Lock *cough*.

Just my 2c *shrug*