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Vhiari posts Tournament Realm ratings data {WoW}

Apr 21st 2008 5:28PM They are viable in arenas, for example on 2s pair them with a druid and they are a great. Even after the nerf to drains and the nerd to mana regen they do great.

@Eternalpayn they have scatter shot on a 30 second cooldown, they have traps that make it almost impossible to catch a druid or any healer for that matter all they have to do is run thru the trap and they off free. They also have silencing shot on a 20 second cooldown all while being able to drain mana with viper sting. And all that with a pet on the opposite teams healer which makes it almost impossible to drink.

If you are playing as BM then you are off to a bad start in arenas, sure the burst is great but all they do is LOS the duration of your bestial wrath and you are done for.